China Glaze: Smoke And Ashes

Smoke and Ashes is another Hunger Games polish I received for my birthday. I was pretty excited to use this polish. It looks super pretty in the bottle, but I think overall it falls pretty flat on the nails, which was a total bummer.

Black base with green and silver micro-shimmer

Smoke and Ashes is a black creme base polish with very fine green and silver micro-shimmer. In the bottle the shimmer seems a lot more dense and noticeable then it ends up on the nail. Unless you’re really looking at the polish, it reads as a black creme, which is disappointing. I was hoping it’d be a black with some “oomph” to it, but it didn’t deliver.

The application of this polish was also somewhat tricky. I’m not sure if the micro-shimmer is to blame, but I had some issues with being able to spread the polish across my nail beds during application. It seemed almost runny and thick at the same time. However it was pretty opaque. I only needed two coats and the drying time was good.

Where To Buy: Sally’s / Ulta / Trade Secret / Online Retailers / $ 6

Did you buy Smoke and Ashes? Do you like this polish or does it seem a bit generic? Did anyone else have trouble with the formula or application?

– Liz



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7 responses to “China Glaze: Smoke And Ashes

  1. Got it, but I’m a bit dissapointed too. I blame macro shots :> On my nails it’s nothing like an unique or very interesting polish – just a black creme. There’s much more shimmer in a bottle…

  2. As you know, I’m a fan of a spruced up neutral…Though I would probably like a little more ‘oomph’ overall it still looked nice, just read more as a black.

    • I know, but you are more than welcomed to try it out and see for yourself 😉

      • It’s so nice having a roommate with a polish fetish. I may try it soon actually, just broke three nails this week which is a bummer. It’s that or the total other end of the spectrum with big hair big nails…decisions decisions…

  3. Juju

    Um, the title says OPI, but this is a China Glaze. Just thought I would point that out. 🙂

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