China Glaze: Fast Track

I was very happy to receive a few Hunger Games polishes as gifts last weekend. I haven’t had much time to make online polish orders or run out to grab new polishes, which has sucked. But I told myself that’s got to change. So, I’m excited to have new polishes to chit chat with you guys about.

Sandy, neutral nude packed with gold shimmer

Fast Track is gorgeous. I think all of us can appreciate a good neutral polish. I feel as though I don’t wear them enough, but when I do, I truly enjoy it. And I have loved wearing this polish. It’s so flattering on my skin tone. It has a bit of yellow in the sandy, beige base, and is packed with gold micro-shimmer. I think this would also look great on toes for summer. The amount of shimmer makes it more interesting than the average neutral.

Easy, pigmented application

I usually never have an issue with China Glaze’s formula. Fast Track went on easy and smooth, and built up for full coverage in two coats. It dried quickly as well. I have zero issues with this polish and completely love it.

Where To Buy: Sally’s / Trade Secret / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 6

Did you buy Fast Track? Do you want to get your paws on it? Does it seem like an interesting neutral to you or nothing special?

– Liz



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6 responses to “China Glaze: Fast Track

  1. This looks so good on you! It was my favorite from the collection but sadly it doesn’t look so great with my skin tone 😦

    • Really?? Are you cool toned? I would like to see it on cool toned skin, I thought it would still look pretty. That’s a bummer though, I hate when that happens.
      – Liz

      • Yeah I am. It looked ok and I will still wear it but it just kind of washed me out. Just not as good as it looked in the bottle! Looks so much better on you!

  2. Pretty! I like this, but think it would be a gold version of Orly Night Owl (which I love so I’m scared this wouldnt look good on me). Thanks for the photos!

  3. Ally

    Looks so pretty!

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