My Birthday Week!

A few years ago, Lauren and I established a “birthday week” tradition in which basically we can do whatever we want for the week of our birthday. Usually Monday through Friday is full of to do lists, work, running errands, etc that it’s hard to kick back and do something for yourself and breathe. But the birthday week is all about that and doing what you want to do, all week.

My birthday is this weekend, and although I have a cool manicure planned for the weekend that I’m excited to share with you all (!), I wanted to wear some of the polishes in my collection I really enjoy and don’t get a chance to revisit very often. So, I just wanted to post and let you know that currently I’m wearing OPI’s Blue My Mind, a vibrant, rich blue that I haven’t had the chance to enjoy enough. And I still love it.

I promise to be back later this week with a sponged purple manicure that I hope you all like. 🙂

– Liz



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4 responses to “My Birthday Week!

  1. Happy Birthday Week! 😀

  2. theclassyanarchist

    Regarding the Birthday Week – ever since I was about 14-15, I started a tradition around my birthday, where I had a full week of birthday-worth celebrations instead of just one day. It was mainly because I had a few groups of friends who wouldn’t mix well, and then my family and I would do something as well. It was impossible to fit it all into one day, so a week worked out very well 🙂 Happy Birthday week, hon! Look forward to seeing the mani!

  3. Happy birthday! A birthday week sounds great, just a single day is not enough! 😀

    So you’re an Aries like me? Great!

  4. Ally

    Happy birthday week!!

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