OPI: Banana Bandanna

Banana Bandanna..talk about a mouth full. I received this polish as a little Christmas gift. I was surprised since it was a polish that I wasn’t really familiar with. Yellows aren’t very common and I felt as though I was fairly familiar with the ones OPI had, but I guess this one passed me by in the summer 2009 collection. However, I’m really glad it found its way into my collection!

Creamy banana yellow

What is unique to me about this polish, is that it’s a very soft yellow without being overly pastel. It’s very creamy and understated. Very buttery. It’s not overly saturated or bright at all. It’s very pretty and delicate. I like yellow nail polish, but yellow in any other situation might be my least favorite color; I find it unflattering and hard on the eyes. But this polish is nothing like that. In the bottle it looks as though it has the finest of micro-shimmer throughout, however that isn’t translated onto the nail. I’ve caught myself staring at my nails all day!

Runny application

The formula of this polish was a little hard to get the hang of. It was runny and thin. Pretty runny actually, which made it difficult to get a thicker first coat to avoid streaking and gain full opacity. It wasn’t awful though, I would say for a yellow and a pastel that I had minimal streaking. I did end up using three coats and it looks pretty good. Maybe next time I’ll try for four thin, even coats. Regardless, I love this polish.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 4 – $ 8

Do you own Banana Bandanna? Do you like it or was the formula and application too much of a pain? Are you tempted to pick it up? Are you a yellow polish wearer? If not, what turns you off about it? 

– Liz



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6 responses to “OPI: Banana Bandanna

  1. such a summery color 🙂 I have four yellow polishes in my collection, but have worn only one so far… I like yellow a lot, it’s just so cheerful.

  2. Ally

    I like this! The only yellow I ever owned was way too bright and had more of an electric color to it, and it was sparkly…my friends said it looked like pee on my nails haha! But this looks soo pretty, love it!

    • Hey Ally!
      You should really try to get a hold of this polish. It’s so soft and flattering. I can totally see how a bright yellow would be too much and fairly unflattering in general. This one is great though!!

  3. Very yummy yellow! I usually wear more taxi-cab-like hues but this one looks really good, I see myself hitting eBay real soon 😉
    Did it dry quick?

    • Hi Sparris!!
      This yellow is totally different than a taxi cab yellow. It’s so muted and soft, but not boring. It’s really flattering!
      It did dry quickly, and as I mentioned, the formula wasn’t a pain at all.

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