China Glaze: Blue Year’s Eve

In honor of the past holiday, I decided to paint my nails Blue Year’s Eve. I think this name and fun and we all know I can never have too many blue polishes. Although this color might not seem too unique, it really is beautiful.

Blue glass fleck with blue and purple glitter

Blue Year’s Eve is a medium-dark toned blue glass fleck polish with blue and purple glitter throughout. This polish is packed with pigment and color. It’s saturated, lively, and full of vibrancy. In the sunlight, it glows and the glitter dances. I also like how it’s deep and rich. It’s not too light in the base color so it’s more of a “grown up” glitter. It’s gorgeous. I can’t keep my eyes off of it!

Easy, smooth pigmentation

Although the China Glaze brushes are a bit thin for my liking, I had no problems with formula or application. I used three coats for full coverage and opacity, which I feel is standard for glass flecks. My only application tip would be to make sure each coat is dry before you apply the next!

Where to Buy: Sally’s Beauty / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 5 – $ 6

What polish did you wear for New Year’s Eve? Was it Blue Year’s Eve? If not, are you interested in picking up this polish? Or does blue and purple glass fleck not seem too unique to you?

Getting ready to watch the Winter Classic!,

– Liz



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4 responses to “China Glaze: Blue Year’s Eve

  1. I am a sucker for blue so I’m glad I picked this up at the Sally’s clearance sale! I wore China Glaze Velvet Bow for NYE.

  2. rottentropics

    Love Blue Year’s Eve!! I think “Dancing Glitter” would be my stage name if my dignity/self respect decided to take a turn for the worse ifyouknowwhatimean.

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