Orly: Fowl Play

It’s almost Christmas? Where did December go, seriously?! I hope you all are looking forward to relaxing over the holiday. I’m hoping we get some snow in Chicago sometime soon so it feels more like the holidays.

I bet a lot of you have seen this polish on the internet, or maybe even own the OPI original, Merry Midnight. I don’t, so was really interested in this beauty when Orly’s Birds of a Feather collection was released this fall. I didn’t snatch it up then, but did recently, and love it pieces.

Gorgeous plum base filled with micro-glitter and flakies!

Fowl Play is truly gorgeous, even if it is a dupe of another polish. The base is a jelly-ish purple plum and the polish is completely packed with blue and silver micro-glitter and copper and red flakies. The flakies flash green in the bottle (like in my bottle picture above) but that doesn’t seem to translate to the nail. Maybe in the sunlight, but it’s been pretty rainy here recently. I do wish the purple base color was a touch brighter, but overall I really have loved this manicure. There’s a lot going on within the polish, but it somehow works together perfectly.

Easy application

The formula of this polish is a bit sheer and thin, but builds up nicely with three coats. I also had no issues with drying time either. I like how the glitter and flakies don’t end up getting stuck anywhere (like at the base of the nail) and spread out and apply nicely and evenly. I’ve also got good wear time on this manicure!

Where to Buy: Ulta / Online Retailers / Sally’s Beauty  / $ 6 – $ 7

Do you own Fowl Play? Or Merry Midnight? Did you snatch this unique polish up right away? Do you want to add it to your collection? It’s gorgeous and very festive for the holidays! 

– Liz


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4 responses to “Orly: Fowl Play

  1. Theia

    I just recently bought this color and like you havent been on the internet often enough to see it so heavily advertised LOL. Anyways I fell in love with it instantly like you. I’ve worn it once but I dont think that will full fill my use of it! Love it! Happy Holidays!

  2. circusgirl

    Dear Liz,

    I own Merry Midnight, and if I were to pick a favorite polish, it would be that one! I never understood when someone would say they couldn’t stop staring at their own nails, until I put this polish on. I was preparing an exam, but I couldn’t concentrate at all, I kept staring at my nails. So I had to take it off, to be able to study properly! I understand Foul Play is almost a dupe, and I’m glad people who missed out on Merry Midnight, can enjoy Foul Play. Great review as always!

  3. This polish is sweet! Not sure why I haven’t borrowed it yet…

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