Zoya: Crystal

For some stupid reason, I didn’t get this polish when it was released in Zoya’s 2010 Flame Collection. I know I’ve been meaning to acquire it, but always forget when I’m ordering new collections online from Zoya. But alas, I remembered to tack it on to an order recently, and seriously, it’s to die for. I’m in love.

Jaw dropping-ly gorgeous ice blue with gold fleck foil

Crystal is gorgeous, and it’s a polish that’s able to evoke imagery of icy cold, clear wintry days and snowflakes. It’s so romantic. It’s a light, icy blue foil with scattered gold glitter throughout. There’s a few things that make this polish so stunning. The gold glitter is all different shapes and sizes. This makes staring at the polish up close so interesting and pretty. Also, this polish is so reflective and shiny, that the ice blue reflects silver at different angles along with the icy blue and gold. It’s mesmerizing.

Easy, but slightly sheer, application

What I love about Zoya foils is that they are so easy to apply. They take minimal effort, and have a quick drying time, for a great outcome. This polish took little effort to apply. Though it was a bit sheer, I needed three coats to get all the sparkly, snowy depth I wanted. My only suggestion would to be to apply thicker coats to get full coverage and opacity easily.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Tell me all about your love for this polish! Or if you want to own this polish immediately? Do you own it’s OPI dupe Reflecting Pool (a European and Asian release)? Put it on your Christmas list!

– Liz


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  1. ASH

    You know I love a good foil!

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