Zoya: Kennedy

I know a lot of polish collectors have a soft spot for pinks. It’s classic, traditional, pretty, etc. I, however, don’t have that gene. I’m not partial to pink anything actually, but when it comes to polish, I try to like every color. I started off thinking Kennedy might win me over, but something was just a bit off.

Soft, ballet pink creme

Kennedy is a very soft, subtle pink creme. It’s very natural and neutral, something that isn’t normally my thing, but I appreciate the crispness and cleanness of polishes like this and find myself liking them more recently. However, there was something about this polish that looked almost muddy on me. Or maybe not as pretty as it could be on someone else? It didn’t look bad, I just felt like something was a bit off. I did get a compliment on it while shopping, which honestly doesn’t happen often with me and my manicures. It’s just not my favorite soft pink I own.

Easy application

Like the rest of this Zoya Feel collection, I didn’t experience any difficulties with formula or application. I actually have found these cremes to be very painless to apply. I used two coats and got full, even coverage. I also got a pretty quick drying time. Though wear for me hasn’t been great. My only application tip would to be make sure your first coat is dry to avoid any bald spots.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

– Liz


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