Zoya: Kristen

I was pretty excited to wear Kristen the other day when I changed my manicure. And I’m excited to say that I really love this polish, it took me by surprise.

Pretty, pale dusty blue

Kristen is a pale, powder blue creme with a bit of grey. What I really like about this polish is that it’s so pretty, but also not overly girl-y or juvenile. The grey in the base really brings down any brightness that pale polishes can sometimes have. The tone and color are so flattering. Even though this color seems fairly straight forward or bland, there is something about it that is really unique and pretty. I can’t think of another blue similar to Kristen. Even if you’re against wearing blues, I highly recommend it.

Very smooth, easy application

I had no formula or application issues with Kristen. I applied two thicker coats. It went on smooth without streaking or being too thick like some pastel-y colors can be. My only application tip would to be make sure the first coat is dry to avoid any bald spots. This polish had a quick drying time as well.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

I can’t tell if polish lovers are that into the Zoya Feel collection. I think this color is very beautiful and flattering, what do you think? Does it seem like a typical blue to you? Or are you interested in it? It doesn’t read as very winter-y to me though. So far this is my favorite from the collection, but I have a few more to share with you guys in the near future!

– Liz



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  1. Ally

    This is so pretty! The collection as a whole doesn’t entirely do it for me – there’s a few that are pretty but nothing that made me want to go out and buy them immediately. This color is soo pretty, though. The only other pastel blue I have is the blue one from the Essie bridal polishes – I can’t remember the name. This seems not as pastel-y though. Definitely liking this one

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