OPI: Warm & Fozzie

Happy Thanksgiving, all! I hope you have eaten enough food for a small army already today or will be shortly. I’m starving and can’t wait to get my mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cornbread on.

I picked this polish to wear for the holiday because it really evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. The name couldn’t be more fitting for this golden-y, bronze, foil-y beauty.

Warm, shimmery, metallic goodness

Warm & Fozzie is absolutely beautiful. There are so many colors in this polish, but they all work together in a great way. It’s a foil-y, mostly overall metallic, polish that is full of gold, bronze, and even some sparse red particles that make this polish look so warm, cozy, and inviting. There is also somewhat of a green tinge that comes out in certain lighting. What is also so nice about this polish is that it translates perfectly from the bottle to the nail; no color or sparkle gets left behind.

The application and formula on this polish was great, I had no issues. Sometimes with foils they need three coats to really bring the luminosity and depth, but I only used two thick coats and everything looks wonderful. Though with a lot of foils, the wear-time hasn’t been ideal for such a pretty polish that I can’t stop admiring!

Where to Buy: Ulta / Trade Secret / JCPenny / Professional Salons / Online Retailers / $ 8.50

So, is this a top pick of yours for the Muppets collection? Have you picked it up already or are you planning to? Does this polish remind you of OPI DS Glow just a bit?

– Liz



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8 responses to “OPI: Warm & Fozzie

  1. Bria

    I picked this and Pepe’s Purple Passion up. I wore Warm And Fozzie for like a week, I love it. I haven’t pulled the trigger on the purple yet.

  2. I bought the mini version online and I love it! I had it on my nails and it didn’t chip one bit for like 3 or 4 days, and now I’m wearing it on my toes! Definitely my favorite out of the collection, it’s so unique!

  3. Sara Rath

    I bought Warm and Fozzie and Excuse Moi! I love Warm and Fozzie, this is my second time wearing it since it came out.

  4. I’m not familiar enough with Glow to know if they’re alike or not, I do however now know that I really want this one!

    Apart from that I’ve only bought Gettin’ miss Piggy with it(yet) which I plan to wear for Christmas =)

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