Zoya: Kendal

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far. If only it could last forever, am I right?

Kendal is another polish from the Zoya Winter Feel collection that is pale, creamy, and dreamy.

Pale lavender creme, with a touch of grey

Kendal is a very pale, lavender creme that has a touch of grey in it. In the bottle it seems as though it has a bit more grey undertones in it than transfers when it dries. Or it might just be my skin-tone, but it looks comparable to a lot of lavenders I own. It’s quite pretty and delicate none the less, but isn’t all that different. And doesn’t necessarily evoke any winter-y or frosty feelings to me.

Easy formula and application

Although creme formulas and applications aren’t my favorite, Kendal gave me little trouble. I used two thicker coats to get full coverage and to minimize streaking. It dried pretty quickly as well.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com  / $ 8

How do you guys feel about this polish? Is it a pass for you? Or do you think this pretty lavender is a go? I’m also curious if this polish reminds you of winter, I’d like to hear about it if it does!

– Liz



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2 responses to “Zoya: Kendal

  1. Ally

    It’s definitely a pretty color but I agree, it’s pretty similar to some other lavenders I own. Probably going to pass on this one, and it definitely doesn’t seem too wintery to me, purples remind me of spring!

  2. Ugh, I kind of want it just because it’s clearly named after me.

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