Zoya: Avery

Please excuse my sub-par photos for this post. I knicked my polish hanging new sheers in my bedroom the other night, but still really wanted to blog and post for you guys. Bare with me.

When I saw swatches of the new Zoya Feel Winer collection the other morning, I ordered them all immediately. There was something about the creamy, dreamy, grey-ed out neutrals that felt winter-y in a non-gimicky kind of way. Not to mention, all the colors look gorgeous together as a collection.

Creamy, peachy nude creme

Avery was the polish I was most excited to try. The gorgeous, nude, beige-y peach (with a touch of pink even?) looks gorgeous. It looks literally like foundation in the bottle. As you can tell, it didn’t give me much of a “mannequin hands” look; I think it actually clashed somewhat with my skintone. To my disappointment, something about this polish was off on me. I thought it looked so dreamy and innocent in the bottle, but ended up looking somewhat frumpy and “blah” on me. I’m so bummed!

I didn’t have too much of an issue with application. It wasn’t as wonderfully smooth a formula as we all are accustomed to with Zoya, but it wasn’t awful. I would suggest applying two thick coats for evenness and to avoid streaks.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

I will say that I think this opaque creme finish is…a little heavy for me. I feel like it never looks right to me. I wish there was some micro-shimmer thrown in, or that these polishes were the jelly-creme hybrid that I personally prefer compared to traditional cremes. Something to lighten up the finish. What do you guys think? Are you excited about these colors? Or do they seem boring to you? Do you find them “winter-y” by any means? Or interesting regardless of the season?

– Liz



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2 responses to “Zoya: Avery

  1. I totally know how you feel. When I saw the Zoya “Touch” collection at Ulta a few months ago, I fell in love with Minka. In the bottle, it was this glorious nude color with the most subtle hint of shimmer. I thought it would be a home run. Once applied…it was just like you said Avery was, “blah.”

    I think the problem lies in the opaque finish…it’s just too thick. Like you said, if it were a jelly-opaque hybrid I think the results would be much better. As far as wintery…I see them a little wintery. Like frosty, without any sparkle. Or something…haha. You know me, I prefer my holiday glitters!

    • Calling them frosty without sparkle is a great description! That totally makes sense and really describes these polishes, and probably also the creme finish. Though I really wish that these were jelly hybrids so the finish was better and also application. Cremes are so tough for me to apply always. 😦

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