Nubar: Dark Wash Jeans

Hey, guys. I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I feel the doom of Monday morning approaching too quickly. Boo.

Dark Wash Jeans it the darkest blue polish from the Nubar Jeans collection. Similar to the mid-toned polish, Boyfriend Jeans, this polish has a lot of grey in it which allows for a cool, yet subdued blue.

Not too dark, grey toned blue creme

Dark Wash Jeans is, contrary to the name, a not too dark blue creme. It has a bit of grey in it so the color isn’t too bright or loud. I actually find this polish to be a bit light and similar to the medium polish in the collection, Boyfriend Jeans. I feel as though it isn’t dark enough for the light, medium, and dark gradation going on with the three polishes in the collection.

Creamy finish and application

Like the other two polishes in this collection, I had no formula or application problems. The formula was smooth and easy to spread and covered well in just two coats. It also dried quickly and I have had good wear, which is awesome. My only application tip would be to wait between coats so you don’t get any cuticle drag.

One thing I did notice about this polish is that it dried a bit lighter than the bottle color. I think that if the polish dried more like the color in the bottle, I would be a little happier. It’s just almost not dark enough to resemble my favorite pair of dark denim. Regardless, I do like this polish and think it’s very pretty. It’s always nice to find a blue that is wearable and mature.

Where to Buy: / $ 19.99

Do you have a favorite in this Nubar collection? Or in the Chanel Les Jeans collection? Does this dark polish appeal to you? It’s a good color for the dark, cold days that are approaching (yuck!).

– Liz


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  1. Ally

    This color looks so pretty!

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