Nubar: Faded Jeans

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

I was pretty excited to beef up part of my light blue collection with this polish. I find light blues somewhat difficult to wear on my warm toned skin, sometimes difficult to apply, and borderline juvenile. But this one slid by all of those issues. I might be somewhat bias though because it reminds me of my favorite denim motorcycle jacket. 🙂

Light, and less sky blue, shimmer

As I mentioned, even though I am a lover of all things blue, sometimes these light blues are difficult to wear on my warm skin. However, there is something about Faded Jeans that is flattering. I think it might be the delicate, fine shimmer that softens it against the skin, though it really is only noticeable in the sunlight. There’s also something about it that is less “sky blue” than light blues can be. It’s the most playful polish in the collection and I think it’s great polish for a light denim wash.

Easy application (especially for a light pastel-y blue!)

I was worried about running into an application issue with this light blue polish. But I think the shimmer in the finish evened out any chalky-ness or streaking. There was very minimal streaking and pretty good coverage. I ended up only needed two coats. My only application tip would to be to apply a thicker first coat to really make sure you get solid coverage. Pretty good drying time as well. I have also gotten excellent wear time on all of this collection.

Where to Buy: / $19.99 (For the set of three).

How do you feel about this light blue polish? Is it a bit “spring time” for you? Or do you think it’s pretty? Is it denim appropriate? I think this polish would look particularly pretty on light, cool toned skin.

– Liz



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3 responses to “Nubar: Faded Jeans

  1. circusgirl

    Dear Liz,
    I also have warm toned skin and many pale blues don’t look too great on me either. But this one looks good on you, since it’s not too pale. I think it’s quite pretty and it reminds me of a pair of faded jeans I have. Like you, I’m crazy about jeans, and I wear jeans all the time. In the summer, I switch from pants to shorts and skirts. I kinda like wearing spring and summer colors of nail polish in the winter. I enjoy the contrast and they cheer me up.
    Thanks for another great review!

    • Hey Circus girl,
      Thank you! I do think this color sometimes maintains some depth and saturation even though it is relatively pale and would also look good on you if you’re warm toned like me.
      I am also not typically a “seasonal” color girl with polishes. I guess the only types I see as really having a season are neons, maybe that’s part of the reason why I don’t really enjoy them, haha.
      – Liz

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