Nubar: Boyfriend Jeans

When I first heard about the Chanel Les Jeans collection, I literally gasped aloud at my computer. I have a slight obsession with denim. Not in a fancy kind of way, but in a love for denim way. I love wearing denim on denim, I collect denim jackets and vest, etc. I just think it looks super cool and is really an American style.

At any rate, I rationally convinced myself to not drop $75 on the three Chanel Les Jeans polishes, but to wait it out in hopes that someone would steal that dreamy denim collection and sell it at a price that didn’t cause a moral dilemma. Nubar released their Jeans collection and I snatched it up.

Creamy, greyed out, medium toned blue

Boyfriend Jeans actually surprised me. In the bottle it doesn’t look to be all that pretty or interesting. A medium, slightly dusty or grey-ed out blue creme. But once this manicure was finished, I was really taken back by how pretty it is. Although it seems simple, there is something about this color that is just perfect and unique. I like that it’s blue, but not too bright, light, or deep. The creme lends itself to a certain sophistication and the grey-blue gives it an edge. It’s unpredictable and pretty; I can’t stop admiring it.

Wonderful creamy application

This polish gave me zero problems in the application and formula departments. It was smooth and creamy. It was very easy to apply. There were also no streaking problems. It had a good drying time as well. My only tip would be to wait between coats to prevent any cuticle drag. I used two coats and got full coverage. I have also had really good wear on this polish which is always surprising and awesome to me.

Where to Buy: / $ 19.99 (For the three polish set).

So, what do you think? Is an all blue or “denim” inspired collection not for you? Or do you like the colors and the inspiration? Or is Nubar ripping off Chanel kinda of lame? I love this collection clearly!

The Nubar Jeans collection is also basically a dead on dupe for the Chanels. From what I’ve seen and in my opinion, only the lightest blue is the most noticeably different (but not by much at all).

– Liz



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4 responses to “Nubar: Boyfriend Jeans

  1. Those are on my lemmings since I can get those all 3 for less than 1 Chanel~bonus I love Nubar! winnin’

  2. sparris

    I’m very, very keen on this collection, more than the Chanels. Nubar is one of my all-time fave brands, and slightly dusty blues always lure me in…

    • Hey Sparris!
      I am glad to also expand my Nubar collection with this set. Their polishes wear particularly well on me, which is honestly a miracle. I really adore this collection!
      – Liz

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