Halloween Manicure for my Costume! OPI Blue My Mind and China Glaze Lighthouse

The man, Coach Taylor.

Let me give you guys a little background on my Halloween costumes. I have this thing were I dress up as a male every year for Halloween. It started a few years ago when my best friend and I were Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World and has spiraled our of control since. And my affinity for television series lead me to decide to be Coach Taylor (a la Dillion Panthers) from Friday Night Lights this year. Some of you might think this is bizarre and whacky and all I have to say  is, well, I am a little bizarre. But it’s fun and it is Halloween after all!

Picking out the perfect Panther blue for my large collection of blue nail polishes was not very easy. But I ended up choosing two polishes that I really love for their vibrancy and overall they are pretty polishes.

Metallic royal blue with glittery yellow / gold

Despite the erratic nature of an “every other nail” manicure, I think this manicure looks pretty good. I really like the texture difference between the smooth, slick finish of Blue My Mind and the gritty, sparkley finish of Lighthouse. It adds for extra oomph and intensity. It works for a special, fun occasion manicure.

Easy, smooth application on both polishes.

I ended up using three coats for both polishes.  As you might know, Lighthouse is a little sheer on the first coat, but builds up very nicely by the third coat. Blue My Mind is overall pretty saturated and applies very easily on the nail. I probably could have gotten away with two coats, but added another for good measure.

Where to Buy OPI Blue My Mind: Ulta / Trade Secret / JCPenny / Professional Salons / $ 8

Where to Buy China Glaze Lighthouse: Online Retailers / $3 – $6

Do you have a Halloween manicure on for the weekend? One that matches your costume like me? Anything funny (like me) or weird (maybe also like me)?

Have a fun weekend everyone!

– Liz & Coach Taylor



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7 responses to “Halloween Manicure for my Costume! OPI Blue My Mind and China Glaze Lighthouse

  1. My boyfriend & I are dressing up as Wayne & Garth for Halloween! I’m just wearing orange nail polish with black glitter over it. I’ve never seen Friday Night Lights. I’m gonna go check if it’s on Netflix because everyone says it’s so good.

  2. sisterles

    love it! i ordered lippmann’s ruby red slippers for my little red riding hood costume. have a great time, coach!

  3. The yellow is super pretty! Me and my sister are doing this Goosebump’s inspired, slime look: http://tiny.cc/t61fm

  4. I’m doing black yellow, green, red, and white nails for my costume. I’m going to be Bob Marley!

  5. ASH

    You need to toss a picture of your costume up here, it was gold.

  6. kat

    that looks great! so cute 🙂

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