OPI: Yodel Me On My Cell

I don’t remember this polish getting enough attention last year for OPI’s fall 2010 collection. Granted blue is my favorite color in general, so I’m going to be partial, but this polish really is gorgeous. Especially in the sun, it glows and shimmers. I got a couple of compliments on this manicure, which I swear, rarely ever happens. So it must be pretty, right?

Gorgeous, vibrant sapphire / aqua blue shimmer

Yodel Me On My Cell (I actually like this polish name…?) is a stunning aqua blue (almost half glass fleck) shimmer. The depth in this polish is really impressive. In the sunshine, it gleams and glows. It’s gorgeous. What I also like about it is that indoors it is vibrant and noticeable, but the sparkle is way turned down. Then when you go outdoors, it’s like pow!

Smooth, glassy, almost "light" finish

The formula and application on this polish was good, I didn’t have any issues. I would say since the finish on this polish is sort of jelly (because it looks somewhat lighter on the nail, not heavy or dense) but also sort of glass fleck, it was a little sheer-er, but just a touch. I used three coats and got wonderful depth and a gorgeous outcome. My only suggestion would be to let the polish dry between coats.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 4 – $6

Did you ever pick up Yodel Me On My Cell? Or did you pass on its intense color and sparkle? Do you think it’s a pretty blue? I would say it might be one of my favorite blues. I like when you can get sparkle and vibrancy without dealing with glitter removal. I HATE that.

Boo to the last day of the weekend,




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5 responses to “OPI: Yodel Me On My Cell

  1. circusgirl

    I agree. Anything that shines, but is not glitter is fine by me. This polish is really beautiful. I didn’t get it, but I enjoy wearing OPI Catch Me in Your Net- it’s super fun, and I like how it switches color from blue to green.
    Great review as always Liz 🙂

  2. Ally

    This color is pretty! I can’t pull off blues but this polish makes me wish I could.

  3. Det ser ud som om at jeg skal ha’ dem alle sammen. 🙂

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