Zoya: Shawn

Veteran readers of Death by Polish might be thinking, “Liz is blogging about this polish..again..?” And the answer is, yes I am. This is hands down one of my favorite polishes. We’re talking top 5 territory. I love everything about it. And it’s perfect for October, fall, and even Halloween!

Gorgeous, rich forest green creme

Shawn is to die for. When this polish came out from Zoya’s Fall 2010 collection, I had to have it immediately as green is one of my favorite colors (in general and for nails). What I love about this polish is that it is a deep, rich green. It isn’t too loud, almost a subtle green. It also has depth because of its dark hue and tinge of grey. It reminds me of wet, lush forests in an almost mythical way. It’s enchanting. And edgy since it’s a green.

Easy application

The formula and application of this Zoya creme was wonderful, like almost all of their cremes. It was smooth and buttery, and a bit on the thicker side. But not in an unmanageable way. It was also very saturated. As for application tips with this polish, there are no tricks; just make sure you let all the coats dry to avoid bald spots. I ended up with a beautiful, even finish in two coats.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

What do you think? Do you own Shawn? If not, would you wear it? Or is green still a no go on nails? I feel like a lot of my regular commenters have been MIA. I miss you guys! 😦 And everyone else, don’t be shy. We can talk polish or….Halloween?? It’s my favorite holiday!

– Liz



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9 responses to “Zoya: Shawn

  1. Two thumbs WAY up! I have Shawn, and I LOVE her. I’m kind of a green fanatic, and this is definitely my favorite. It knows no season in my book.

    • Hey Rachel!
      Seriously, I am also a green fanatic, and Shawn is one of the top greens I own. I love everything about this polish, and for some reason, it’s almost appropriate for all occasions.
      – Liz

  2. This is a gorgeous colour! I don’t have it but I sooooo want it! 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to try a green polish for a while but everything I find is always so obnoxiously loud that I avoid it. This is so gorgeous though! If I had it, I would definitely wear it! 🙂

    • Hey Fatima!
      Zoya makes a lot of approachable greens, in my opinion. A lot of my favorites (Shawn, Gemma (very pretty and unique), and Dree) are from them. They are green, but not over the top. They have a great range that somehow remains pretty appropriate and interesting.
      – Liz

  4. sparris

    Shawn is great! I love that there’s not a lot of other polishes out there that resembles it, it’s quite unique. =)

  5. Emily

    Your rave reviews sold me on Shawn and I finally submitted my BOGO order!

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