OPI: Ski Teal We Drop

What’s fun about the change of seasons, in regards to nail polish, is that you get to revisit all the colors from collections of previous years that you wore when it came out, and haven’t since. Ski Teal We Drop is a polish that I loved when it was released last year with the Swiss collection, that I found out I still loved when I wore it again recently.

Dark, beautiful teal creme

What I love so much about this polish is that it is a dark creme (which lends itself to be sophisticated and grown up on its own) but it’s still noticeably a dark blue. It’s really nice to have a dark polish that isn’t purple, red, or black. I’m always on the look out for the right balance of darkness and color saturation, and this has it. The color is gorgeous; it’s almost exotic in a way. It’s got the depth and darkness of  a gem tone, but also reminds of the ocean at night. It’s definitely a blue leaning teal.

Great application

The formula on this polish, like most in this collection, was excellent. It was highly pigmented, smooth, and very saturated. It has that slightly thin or runny consistency that allows for you to spread the polish evenly. For polishes with this saturation and consistency, I like to put on a thick first coat, and a thinner second coat to finish everything off. I used two coats and had no issues. Decent wear as well.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 6 – $ 8

Do you own Ski Teal We Drop? Do you think it’s gorgeous? Or is a dark creme something that isn’t that special to you?

– Liz


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5 responses to “OPI: Ski Teal We Drop

  1. Ally

    I absolutely LOVE this color!! I need to own it immediately. A bunch of teals that I have are very bright and summer-y, and I need something just like this!!

    PS – finally tried Zoya Cynthia and I HATE it!! Looks green on me

    • This teal is GREAT. It is totally winter and fall-ish and holds up as being visibly blue / teal. It’s gorgeous.
      I told you! It’s such a let down! It looked horriblely black on me….but green…that’s so weird!
      How’s the garlic growth?!

      • Ally

        The garlic treatment was going really well until I randomly stopped using it..then all of my nails broke! Literally all of them. So I’m back on the garlic !

  2. sparris

    I have it and I love it. I can’t stay away from teals. At all.

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