Wet N Wild: Tickled Pink

This polish was an impulse buy at Walgreens a few months ago. I was in a phase of bingeing hard on stuff at Walgreens. (Also known as being bored on Friday night). It was an impulse buy because I’m not a pink girl, especially not cotton candy / bubblegum pink.

Cool toned, bubble gum pink creme

The color of this polish speaks for itself. I mean, it’s basically as girly as they come. A light, cool toned, pink creme. Pretty standard for a girl’s collection. Shockingly though, this is the only one I own. It’s pretty similar to my favorite of this group (that I don’t own) Essie’s I Need A Vacation. It’s weird, I actually quite enjoyed wearing this polish.

Not the best formula, but it's inexpensive

Wet N Wild actually delivers most times on quality for their inexpensive nail polish (and other beauty products). But the application on this polish wasn’t very good. I did have some streaks and bald spots, and major chipping by the end of the day. (I seriously need to step up my top coat game though). The brush sticks are pretty long too, because the bottles are tall, and that makes application a bit difficult.

Where to Buy: Drugstores / $ 1.99

Do you wear barbie pink polish a lot? What’s your favorite pink polish? I need to get more “classic” manicure colors, such as pinks and cremes, so I’d be open to suggestions!

– Liz


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7 responses to “Wet N Wild: Tickled Pink

  1. Liz

    I love ballerina slippers and allure from essie. They are classic and an easy solution for someone that works in an office :/
    The thing with pink/creme transparent nail polish is that it’s so hard to apply, most of them don’t come out even-toned! (only the super pasty ones are easy.. and I don’t like them as much)
    I really like your blog and color suggestions, but I would love it if you suggested more of these colors and gave tips on how to apply them correctly!

    • Hey Liz,
      Thanks so much for your comment and feedback! It’s so nice to hear what readers need to know more about, or have questions about. I will definitely talk more about application tips (if need be, like with chalky pastels) in the future. Have a great weekend!
      – Liz 🙂

  2. circusgirl

    Dear Liz,

    the only barbie pink polish I own is OPI Mod About You, and I love it. I do love pinks, but not the classic ones. I love hot pinks and neon pinks. My favorite hot pink is China Glaze Sugar High, and my favorite neon one is by Savina called Fabulous. It has very small multicolored glitter in it and it’s lovely.
    Thank you for another great review!

    • Hey Circus girl!
      It’s weird, I am much more willing to rock hot pinks and brighter pinks on my toes than my hands. It’s just such a “not Liz color” that sometimes I feel like I have alien hands! Recently though, I have been craving specifically creamy nudes, or jelly creams. I really need to get some more.
      – Liz

  3. Juna

    didnt you make a mistake that its 1.99 isnt it .99?

  4. Ally

    I have a few pinks that I looove. Essie’s Fiji is one of my favorites, OPI’s Mod About You, Sparrow Me The Drama and Strawberry Margarita are favorites too.

    • I always wanted to pick up Fiji when I would be browsing, but I never did. I heard it had a terrible formula though? Maybe just a fluke.
      I also kind of wanted to get Sparrow Me The Drama, but passed on it. I guess I missed out 😦

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