Zoya: Jem

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days. I feel like recently I haven’t had time or left over energy for much of anything. It’s like as the days are getting shorter, so is my time. It’s stressing me out.

I bet a lot of you have seen swatches (or have worn) this gorgeous polish from Zoya’s fall 2011 collection. Look at it in the bottle, it’s gorgeous. But it did end up falling a bit flat in the wrong lighting…

Red based purple, with glass fleck gold and pink

Jem is pretty unique. This polish is a red based purple, with gold and I think hints of pink glass fleck. As mentioned, in the bottle it’s really very beautiful, as well as when it’s in direct sunlight. It’s gorgeous, almost mesmerizing. However, I did really notice that when indoors or in overcast (like this rainy day photo) it’s actually somewhat…underwhelming. It definitely loses its luster, and falls flat. I wish the sparkle stood out more.

The application and formula on this polish was good. I used two coats (though maybe three would have helped my sparkle issues?) and it applied evenly and saturated. It also dried quickly. I did though, have chips on the first day. Never cool, and it’s the story of my nail polish life.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

– Liz



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2 responses to “Zoya: Jem

  1. sparris

    Hmm interesting, so many other polishes with this type of finish looks better in the shade in my opinion. Now I feel I might safely skip this one. =)

    • Hey Sparris!
      For some reason, it’s so dull and not interesting in the shade! I was really disappointed that it fell so flat. It’s gorgeous in the sun though, it sparkles and the colors are beautiful.
      – Liz

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