Essie: Fishnet Stockings

Happy long weekend! I’m really excited to catch up on sleep and relaxing.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been really into all things somewhat “Americana”. Fashion wise, interior design wise. And also in the more literal way in terms of color combinations. Red, white, and blue has been drawing me in a lot. My bed is rocking a bunch of that, it looks so classic.

This being said, I wanted to wear a red polish this week. Most of you know I don’t love red polish, but I have a decent amount because I do actively try to combat my innate distaste for it. Fishnet Stockings was one of my first reds, and still one of my favorite reds.

Sexy, darker blood red

One of the main reasons I like Fishnet Stockings so much is because of its richness. It’s something that falls somewhat flat in photos, but it has this darkness to it. It has a bit of depth that’s like a dark blood red, but it’s still vibrant. A nice balance for a red nail that’s not screaming bright, like a cherry red. For me, reds that are a bit darker are more my taste. This is a cool toned red, which doesn’t go best with my skin (making me look extremely pale), but warm toned reds don’t appeal to me as much.

Shiny, glossy finish

The formula on this polish is outstanding. It goes on so smooth. It’s also easily spreadable. It’s full of pigmentation and you wouldn’t need more than two coats. I have also gotten pretty good wear from it.

Where to Buy: Ulta / Professional Salons / Drug Stores / Target / $ 8

What’s your holy grail red? Is it a jelly or creme? What’s your favorite warm-toned red? Fishnet Stockings and Jason Wu CND Veronica are my two favorites. I know every girl has their go to red, let’s hear yours.

– Liz



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3 responses to “Essie: Fishnet Stockings

  1. beachgal12

    Unlike you, I really love reds – always have. I do have to admit, I am picky on reds – not all work for me. But running my database stash sort by red and I come up with more reds in my stash that any other shade. I like Fishnet – it’s got some classic qualities to it. Maybe that’s one of the best things to say on reds – they never go out of style.

  2. Juna

    I use NYC in a minute’s Times Square. Its a really bright, young red. I am trying to stay away from dark colors because at a certain point in my life, I wont be able to wear bright colors. While I’m still young!

  3. Marie

    Holy Grail red: Chanel 08 Pirate. There is no other:-)

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