Zoya: Cynthia

 I feel like Cynthia might be a polish from the Smoke and Mirrors collection that a lot of people might pass up assuming that it will just look black. I didn’t really assume that, but kind of wish I had. It’s definitely not as blue or navy as I had hoped.

Deep, almost black, inky navy blue

Cynthia is a deep, inky, navy blue. It’s very saturated and dark. Indoors and in the shade it’s hard to tell that it isn’t black. In the direct sun, you can tell that it’s less harsh against the skin that black is. But looks basically black expect for around the edges. I think on cooler and lighter skin tones it would be prettier and easier to tell it’s navy.

Shiny, creme finish

The formula and application on this polish was up to the standard we expect from Zoya. It went on smoothly and covered in two even coats. The drying time was good.  Also as I mentioned with Dree, this polish has been wearing very well. I’ve had minimal tipwear, which for me is saying a ton.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

Are you feeling Cynthia? Do you like that it’s an almost black? I like that it’s an almost black that isn’t purple, since those are so popular. But I wish it was more of a gem tone, yet still dark. I’d like a good, rich, but not black looking navy. What’s your favorite one? Suggestions please!

– Liz



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8 responses to “Zoya: Cynthia

  1. rottentropics

    At first, I thought the polish was a foil…which I’m usually not a fan of. But I think a little “oomph” is what this polish needs since it’s just so close to black. I, too, wish it was more of a gemstone blacky color.
    I like OPI’s “Road House Blues” from the Touring America collection. I feel like most people who see it on the nail would assume it’s black but it shows a nice navy in the light.

    • It is just too close to black. I’m a bit disappointed in it.
      I totally do need to get Road House Blues. I was thinking recently about how cool that color is but haven’t been shopping for polish IRL much. I really want to get it now that this one didn’t do it for me.

  2. beachgal

    I tossed in Cynthia at the last to my Z shopping cart and am glad I did. Like you so well put it ‘it’s less harsh against the skin that black is.’ I am one that puts on onyx and cannot wear it. Toss in some burgundy or purple and it works. So this is a good one for me to pull in a real black but still with that blush of navy. I also really like the Road House Blues as does the commenter above.

  3. beachgal

    Maybe we can both try putting one coat of Cynthia on and the next coat of Rd. House Blues when we both get our bottle of that. It might give me just what I want.

  4. beachgal

    At least you HAVE an ULTA to run to. I have yet to be in an ULTA store!!! It’s about 480 miles to the closest one to me! Kind of too far to ‘run over!’ Guess I am saving a lot of $ however – but I would like to see the polishes in all their displays – Zoya et all that I only look at swatches on line and mail order off for.

  5. Ally

    I bought Cynthia and I really like how it’s deep and dark but not purple (I have like 4 deep dark almost black purples!). But I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be as close to black as it is on me. Not totally disappointed but not what I was expecting.

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