China Glaze: Trendsetter

Oh, Monday morning. To make things a little better today, I have a new hands down favorite of mine to share with you guys. I’m sure you’ve seen the swatches of this year’s fall l Metro collection. But Trendsetter is a total must have. It’s awesome and out of the box.

"Ugly" yet pretty murky yellow green

I know a lot of people classify these different or edgy colors as “ugly”, but for me this polish was not ugly and just gorgeous on my nails. I know it might be out of some’s comfort zone, but it definitely has a cool factor because of its interesting nature. On me, this polish seemed to lean more olive green, but it has a lot of golden or mustard-y yellow in it also. It’s richer in tone and has a touch of dustiness to it. But to counter that, there’s glass flecks that allows this polish to light up in the sun and have a feminine edge.

Good formula and application

I had no problems with the formula or application on this polish.I used two coats and got full coverage and opacity. I also got decent wear time out of it.

Where to Buy: Sally’s Beauty Supply / Ulta / Online Retailers / $ 6

I know this polish has a lot going on, but it works perfectly. At first I almost wanted it to just be a creme finish, but ended up deciding it’s perfect with the glass flecks. It’s such a unique and strange shade that flattered my skin and nails. It also has that edginess that I like.

So, ugly pretty or just ugly? Is this color just too far out of your comfort zone? I highly recommend trying it out. I absolutely love it.

– Liz



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10 responses to “China Glaze: Trendsetter

  1. beachgal

    Not edgy for me…I am in the ugly camp. I know from past bottles I have bought that I thought were ‘interesting/edgy.’ Then find the next time I go through my polishes, that is needing to go to donation. So I don’t get them now anymore – but I have a 25 yr collection of polishes. So I know what my habits are. I do step out of the box but I am still careful where I spend my $. If it’s going to only be a 1-2 polish on me ever, I don’t get it to begin with.

  2. ASH

    Having seen this on you in various lighting, it does rule. May be worth mentioning that it can look like a deep warm brown-gray in a darker lights, which is OK with me, of course.

  3. Ally

    i can’t decide how i feel about this polish! i feel like in some lights it’s okay but in others i’m just not a fan. it does look good on you though but i’m not sure i’d be able to wear it.

  4. juna

    Its ugly for me. sorry.

  5. Jennifer

    I love it. So 70s. I picked up this and Lofty Ambitions as soon as I could!

  6. natalie_sod

    i’m wearing this on my nails now. i have to say i was initially iffy about the color in the bottle…but when i put it on my nails. wow. i can’t stop looking at my nails! and the wear time is good too. i’ve had it on for 5 days, minimal chipping at the tips. 🙂

    • Hey Natalie!
      Isn’t it a cool color? When I had it on as a manicure, I also couldn’t stop staring at it. It’s so interesting and different. I’m glad you’re on the cool side not ugly!
      – Liz

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