OPI: What’s With The Catitude? with Sally Hansen: Hidden Treasure

Ice nailsss

Hey everyone! I’m gonna be loading you up with pictures today. I haven’t had any new polishes in awhile and I wanted to do something different to mix things up. I’m getting so sick of everything I have! I was in layering mood, specifically in the mood for Hidden Treasure. So I went out of my comfort zone and paired it with OPI What’s With The Catitutde? From the Shrek collection. I am really loving how it came out!

This pic is how it looks in the most natural of light, but of course I can’t just leave you with that one. My favorite look is when Hidden Treasure goes all green on top of the light blue and I tried to capture that as best I could. Here’s one a little closer and angled:

from the side

Last night when I finished painting I just thought this was really bright and cute and this morning when I woke up I thought they looked like ice… so I’ve been calling them ice nails, ha ha. I did two coats of What’s With The Catitude? I had not used that polish for awhile because I didn’t care for the application at the time, but I really wanted to use that color and give it another try. The application still isn’t great, but you can pretty much even it all out by the second coat if you’re expecting it from the start. Then I did one coat of Hidden Treasure, which is always fun to use and no trouble at all. I had a pretty fast drying time even though all those layers of polish felt pretty thick on my nails.

Here’s a couple pictures of this mani in warm vs. cool lighting:



I think that having something layered over this polish takes away the pastel of the color and the baby boy blue aspect so it doesn’t seem as childish. Slap some glitter on there and it’s instantly more interesting and fun! Really enjoying wearing this one, I’ll have to stop outside my comfort zone more often.

Where to Buy: What’s With The Catitude / Online / $8ish

Hidden Treasure / Online / $6ish

You might be able to find these in stores, but I couldn’t guarantee that. Those prices should be the very highest end.

Happy Hump Day!




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4 responses to “OPI: What’s With The Catitude? with Sally Hansen: Hidden Treasure

  1. beachgal

    Thanks for the idea. I bought Cat. this summer off eBay and the seller ‘forgot’ to say it was half used. I was not all that much a fan when I got it on. I did put a sparkle glitter on it after a day to see if I could get to like it – but nope! Now seeing this – I don’t have SH Hidden Treasure but I do have Nubar 2010 that comes up with gold larger foil looking pieces on most shades (might be only on darker shades however – have to give it a try)…will see if that works as I like this look with SH Hidden Treasure – but HT is long been gone from shelves and is high $$ when you do see it on secondary market.

  2. beachgal

    Oh and BTW – Cat. is getting way up there on the secondary market – more like going for $16 and up when you see it. I agree – the formula is unusually thick but I thought that was because mine was used and maybe abused when I got it. And as said above – hated the little boy blue color. It just did nothing for me. Was the only shade I have out of the Shrek collection – I know – most went nuts for it – but I am looking for other things in polish than that collection, POTC and what is to come from Muppets from OPI. All 3 of those collections are just oh so not me!

  3. sparris

    Antoher great color combo, I never tire of Hidden Treasure or its dupes over pastels. Thanks for the pictures! =)

  4. Glad you gals liked it! Catitude isn’t a favorite of mine either, but it’s fun to try out some of your lesser-worn polishes in new ways. I definitely liked this a lot more than wearing Catitude by itself, I agree on the little boy blue color… it’s too much (unless maybe you’re going to a baby shower)


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