CND: Blackjack

Hey guys. It’s Friday, thank god. This week hasn’t been the best for me. I’m glad it’s over.

I’m going to keep this post on the short side since I do realize there isn’t much to say about a black creme nail polish. But I do know every girl has their favorite. What I really love about this black creme (aside from the name) is that it has no green tones in the base, which I feel like a lot of black cremes do. It’s jet black and full of pigmentation.

Jet black with a perfect formula

Another awesome thing about this polish, is the formula. As I mentioned in my other recent CND posts (The Jason Wu Collection), the formula is outstanding. It literally applies itself in such a smooth, dreamy way. CND has one of the best formulas on the market for a great price. You barely need two coats of this polish, but I did just in case. It has a shiny finish, and dries quickly. This is definitely a holy grail black polish.

Where to Buy: / Meijer (Or so I’ve heard) / $ 9ish

What’s your favorite black nail polish? Do you own many CND polishes? If not, you seriously need to give them a try. If you do, what’s your favorite? I’m very interested in building my collection from this brand and would love good suggestions.

– Liz



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5 responses to “CND: Blackjack

  1. beachgal

    Black polish is something that just looks horrible on me for some odd reason. I have to have a blue undertone or a burgundy undertone to it to make it work. CND was the IT polish back in the 80’s for the manicurists of that day. It was fab then and it’s fab now – just way too hard to get and they don’t have $ to employ enough reps to call on salons that will buy and used it and stock it to sell. If you cannot see a polish in person chances are those of us with tons of the stuff are hesitant to buy off a web color dot which are always bad. Seeing swatches on blogs helps – like I need help with my polish addiction! I am finally doing my database and only 1/2 way through and already up to 478! And yes, I have some CND’s back to the early 90’s – not many however from the early 90’s. I am fine when I need a black to go with some of my they are so black they look black. I don’t need (but do have) a totally black cream for the nail base. I have pens for stripes & use it for dots.

    • Whoa, I wish I had (about) 1,000 nail polishes! That’s be awesome.
      I feel like CND is a big enough company that they would be able to employ people to make that happen for themselves as a company. I’m not a business woman, so I have no idea but they just seem well known enough and with enough credibility to be in that place.

  2. Bria

    Hey Liz,
    I really love this blog.
    I’ve never tried CND, and I have never been blown away by a nail polish’s formula until yesterday when I tried Essie’s Forever Yummy. Have you used that? I think it’s going to be my standard for formulas from now on.

    How do you think this CND compares to that?

    Miss you!

    • Hey Bria, how are you? It’s awesome to hear you like the blog.
      I haven’t ever used that Essie before, but different colors in general go on easier than others (for the most part) overall no matter what brand. For example, neon’s suck to apply because the pigments compromise the smoothness / evenness of a formula. But it’s the best when you get a polish that just applies like a dream and is so easy. But then it sucks when you want all polishes to live up to that, haha.
      – Liz

  3. sparris

    I’ve heard this was a good basic black esp. for layering and such as it’s so pigmented. I actually don’t own a good pure black creme, I only have ChG Liquid Leather which is kinda blah. My fave blacks are ZOYA Raven and Orly Goth. From CND I have only two, both are Effects(Gold Sparkle & Teal ditto) but I’m happy with both and want more!

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