Urban Outfitters: Bandeau

I am usually not one to buy polish from clothing stores. I know they are always trying to temp you with them by the registers, but for some reason I feel like they most likely lack quality. I also don’t know what the company’s animal testing policies are, like with this polish. So if anyone is aware of that information about Urban, please let me know.

However, this polish caught my eye while shopping and I HAD to have it. (They had a lot of interesting colors, by the way.) It looks glorious in the bottle. The prettiest, ideal blurple ever. I’m really excited to share it with you guys. It was a little hard to photograph correctly, but I tried my best!

The perfect blue toned purple. A little deeper in tone, in real life

Bandeau killed an internal lemming I had. I’ve been looking for a polish in this exact color for a long time. I know it doesn’t seem that unique on paper; it’s a vibrant, and saturated blue-toned purple creme. But it’s absolutely beautiful. It has the perfect balance of blue and purple. There is something about this polish that is everything I’ve been looking for. THE one, I might say. This is what I wanted DL’s Call Me Irresponsible (reviewed here) to be. I’m so happily surprised by this polish.

Slightly streaky formula, but it's got some neon pigments in it

The formula was a little fussy. It wasn’t the smoothest to apply; it was a bit streaky. But it did dry semi-matte, so I’m going to attribute the wonky formula to the neon pigments in the polish. But after applying a thicker second coat, it evened out and I got full coverage no problem. It also dried quickly.

Where to Buy: Urban Outfitters / UrbanOutfitters.com / $ 5

Have you tried any polish from Urban Outfitters before? Are you also in love with this color? I’m so smitten with this. Top 5 for sure!

– Liz



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9 responses to “Urban Outfitters: Bandeau

  1. juna

    this is unrelated to the post, but the other day I went to a flea market, and got a couple of polishes. one of them was in a bottle that looked EXACTLY like OPI, but because there was nothing written on the front, i assumed it was just a wanna-be.

    turns out, I picked up a brand new bottle of Crown Me Already from the OPI Miss Universe collection for 50 japanese yen. thats around 60 cents!

    I have no idea how the writing on the front came off, but im not complaining!

  2. Ally

    oh my gosh I love this !! I’m so into purples and I love this one! I don’t have any blue-toned ones but after seeing this I may have to try and find it, it’s so pretty! btw i feel the same way about buying nail polish from clothing stores! I always stand there and look at them and never end up getting them because I feel like they will be horrible and a total waste of money. good job with this one though!

  3. beachgal

    Now that I know they are only $5, I will stop in the UO we have here in the town near by that is there only because it’s a college town. I never have been in that store before – tempted but knew I would fall in love with clothing that was overpriced and stuff that does not fit my lifestyle all that much plus hard to fit me at a normal ladies 14 in a place like that – also hard to find things that don’t have to be steamed/ironed which I pretty much have given up….hate doing it. But will pop in to look at polishes. It’s really close to the Aveda store/salon and Sephora – grab a Peet’s coffee close by and I am set to browse! I need a new one of my fav eye shadow brushes from the Aveda store anyway.

    • The store is definitely over priced, I usually just browse the sale sections because I’m cheap. The polish is well priced and I actually got 2 for $8 the other day. I got a pretty holo. You should stop in and check them out for sure.

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