Orly: Oh Cabana Boy

This is another summer favorite of mine. It’s very summer-y. This is probably the most summer-y color that I own. It’s pink. It’s neon. It’s loud. Not all things I normally like, but this polish is spot on. This is a great manicure AND pedicure color, for sure.

The perfect neon hot pink!

Oh Cabana Boy is a hot, pink. It’s a neon, so it dries matte. It’s very cool toned, which I really like. It’s not too light or dark, a nice medium base color. It also has this kind of special violet / slightly fushica flash that comes out at certain angles. It has a slight shimmer finish that makes this polish really pretty and less intense. This color is super fun and playful which makes it sexy and perfect for summer. Even though this polish has a lot going on, something about it is SO flattering and wearable. It’s one of my favorites.

Violet flash, I see you

The formula on this polish is good, I’ve never had an issue with it. I used two coats and application was smooth and easy. It also wears decently, which for me is a rarity.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / Amazon/ Sally’s Beauty / $ 5 – $ 7

Do you own Oh Cabana Boy? Did I just convince you that you need it? Or is it too much for your taste? I swear if you try it, you’ll like it.

I’m really glad today is over,

– Liz


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6 responses to “Orly: Oh Cabana Boy

  1. beachgal

    Thanks for posting this one. I am finally adventuring into neons just to try – always been too much for me – but this summer I have gone into more brights than normal. I am glad to see a neon that is in the blue range vs. Barbie pink range. I pull off fuchsias well – so figuring I can do best with a neon pink that has blue tones to it. Hard to get me going on neons (again). I lived through the 60’s. We also wore neon in the early 70’s and then there was all the day-glow that was so popular (esp in sporting wear) in the 80’s. If I had fallen and could not get up in the snow – anyone could have spotted in me in day glow pink with day glow yellow accents!!! The photos from back then are a riot. Still have my official Gargoyle sunglasses that had 24K nose bridge and a true mirror day glow reflect on the glasses. I figure by now they are museum quality!

  2. Ally

    Ah I really like this! I have sooo many pinks in my collection – I’m trying to venture out into some new colors..but this one is fabulous and is definitely different than anything else I own! Also – I just ordered the garlic nail treatment from cherryculture! I’m excited to see how it works! Of course I ordered a bunch of new polishes as well….My polish drawer is starting to get cramped!

    • Oooo! You have to tell me how it works, or if it does! I know that’ll take awhile but I really am interested. What other polishes did you get??

      • Ally

        I ordered a bunch–I couldn’t resist! From Sinful Colors I got Rise&Shine Easy Going and Smokin Hot, LA Glitter Girl Addict in Uninhibited and Explosion, LA Colors Black Velvet and Sea Siren, and Miliani Gems! Haha they were all on sale, how could I say no?!

  3. Sheila

    I own this and it’s my favorite of all my polishes. I love how it has a pearly shimmer and that it applies great! Never streaky! Prepare for lots of compliments. One girl said to me “oh my god that is the most beautiful color polish I have ever seen!”

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