Chanel: Nouvelle Vague

I have NO IDEA how this polish hasn’t been blogged about by me yet. This is one of my all time favorites that I own. I’m offended by myself for not posting this, haha. This color is worth all the hype and any green or blue lover needs it. Enough said.

Beautiful balance of green and blue

Nouvelle Vague is beautiful. It has this relaxing tone that is so soothing but yet it’s nowhere near boring. To me (and on me) this color is more green than it is blue, but it’s not overly green. There’s a nice balance in this little bottle. This color is almost perfect to me. Everytime I wear this polish I feel pretty, but it also packs a little edgy-ness since it’s a blue/green. But I will say that it isn’t saturated or blue enough to be a turquoise to me. It has delicate hidden shimmer that comes out to play in the sunlight.

Smooth finish with hidden shimmer

The formula on this polish isn’t bad, but it’s not great. I need three coats for full coverage and to even everything out and look great. But I don’t think the formula is particularly bad. I have heard people complain about it, but it’s by no means unmanageable or unruly. I think since it is a lighter / paler color that has to do with its not so perfect formula. But honestly, it’s not a pain to apply.

Where to Buy: I have no idea! I’m sorry! It was limited edition. Help?

Did you fawn over Nouvelle Vague when it was released? Did you purchase it? Do you love it? Would you purchase it if you could now? I love this color. It’s special.

– Liz



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11 responses to “Chanel: Nouvelle Vague

  1. rottentropics

    One of my favorites! It’s definitely a “feel good” color whenever you have it on. I would love to get my hands on the new Dior St. Tropez and compare it to this. Maybe because that just gives me more of a reason to have it than just wanting it 😉

  2. Ally

    wowow love this color!

  3. beachgal

    you are sooooo right – this is anything but boring…I am turned off by most light blues – they are too chalky white – too blaugh something – but oh so not this one. This needs to come live in my collection – wonder if it’s still available?

    • You NEED IT! It’s beyond stunning and you would love it.
      I don’t think it’s available anymore though, unfortunately. You could maybe get it in a swap or like, maybe ebay or a blog sale. Tough, but it’d be worth it!

  4. Oh my goodness this shade looks amazing on you!!! It’s so summery and making me crave a blue polish 🙂

  5. circusgirl

    Love this on you! It’s a great polish! And even though it is blue (kind of unconventional color), it is very classy. Chanel just knows how to do “classy” 🙂
    Thanks for another great review dear Liz!

  6. sparris

    One of my rapidly growing number of Chanel lemmings…did you see the new blue collection coming out? I think I need them all!
    *goes to comfort sobbing wallet*

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