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From gettyimages.comI’m trying not to skip out on posting today, even though I’m really not feeling great. But I found these natural nail care tips in the August issue of Glamour and they interested me. I like any sort of “natural” solution or home remedy for body issues, or at least I like to give them a shot to see if they have any truth to them. Call me a half hippie.

A tip from Sylvie Beljanski, CEO of Natural Source International, for healthier nails is to “eat cheese, nuts, garlic and onions because they contain vitamins that are good for the hair and nails.” Anyone have any validation for this tip? Or anyone that’s more knowledgeable than me in nutrition have any insights?

Another tip to fix weak nails from beauty professional Tata Harper, who has her own skin care line, is to “add a peeled and chopped garlic clove to your base of clear base coat to help strengthen your nails.” This would make you smell like you’ve been chopping garlic all day, would it not? Maybe the antioxidants in garlic do something?

So has anyone heard of this or tried these at home remedies or anything similar? Or have any others for healthier nails? Or have a diet secret that helped improve your hair, skin, or nails? I love that kind of info. I’m always looking to improve mine.

– Liz



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9 responses to “Natural Nail Care

  1. Garlic! Garlic!! Garlic!!! Yes it sounds crazy but IT DOES work!! I realized this worked for me when I stared making my own marinades recently. I tried Biotin and it didn’t work for me at all! I took it for 7 months and my nails started breaking worse after the second month but kept on taking it because I read so many good things about it. When I stoped taking it my nails got better and then I started making and marinades for my family and friends and I tell ya, for me – GARLIC IS IT!!!! Oh – L.A. Girl also makes a Garlic Nail Growth Treatment that works great too! It doesn’t smell like garlic but looks like an oil becaue of the yellowish color but it’s really a top or base coat. It depends on how you choose to use it. Hopes this helps!

  2. beachgal

    Olive Oil – on your nails – your hair for deep conditioning…it’s great! Not so sure about the garlic – esp since it turns my stomach to smell it on anyone else – I am really hypersensitive to it which is bad when you live with garlic lovers! Wonder if you could buy gel filled unscented garlic oil gel caps and use that?

    My best tip is HYDRATION – drink tons of does wonders for your skin honestly. You will get beyond that feeling of taking on too much soon. But face it – very few folks drink even 8 glasses of water a day – and I mean water – not coffee – ice tea – soda – juice…plain water. Invest in a Brita pitcher and keep it in your frig – reach for a glass of water when you open the frig to just ‘look.’ Drink water before you eat, it will help you with portion control if that is an issue for you.

    I have used some of those home made things for face scrubs that worked well with raw sugar, Cider Vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil. Pumpkin ones come out every fall as well and you can get good results from all that stuff you hollow out of your pumpkin when you carve it up. There are really good enzymes in that stuff.

    If I still sat in the sun, I am sure I would have lemon juice on my hair!

    • Garlic caps is an interesting idea. I actually think they might make a supplement now that we mentioned this. I wonder if it would do anything. A reader above just wrote about LA Girl making garlic base / top coat (unscented) which is interesting, I had no idea.

      Water is the best thing ever. I just recently started to allow myself to drink pop again. I’ve been strictly just water and coffee in the AM for a long time. I have no problem drinking more than 8 glasses a day. It does a lot for my skin and looking fresh faced for sure.

      I recently made my own coffee body scrub at home (the caffeine gets rid of cellulite) and it was a great idea until I realized that coffee doesn’t dissolve in water like sugar and salt scrubs do, haha. My shower was super gross.

  3. Ally

    I read the exact same article! The garlic thing sounds like something I’d try. One of my friends swears by Biotin, she takes it every day and let me tell you, the girl has gorgeous nails. I’m beyond jealous of them, they are perfect and strong. It also helped her hair grow-she actually has sections of regrowth where new hairs started growing a few years ago! Definitely thinking of trying it out.

    • I would try it if I were you Ally. Just because Biotin didn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you. I have been on various medications for 97% of my life so I have a feeling that’s why it didn’t work for me.

  4. sparris

    You can have fresh garlic without the smell by peeling the cloves and just cut them in small enough pieces to swallow-my mom has been doing this for years and never ever smells of garlic. Great for the immune system , too.
    I don’t eat that much garlic myself but have been taking brewer’s yeast and natural vitamin E supplements(about 250 IE) daily for about 20 years and I can immediately feel it on my skin if I don’t take the pills for some time, it really makes a difference. And since hair, skin and nails are connected(developed from the same bunch of tissue) I guess it makes sense that would help your nails, too.

    Hope you find something that works for you!

  5. Brandi

    Nothing you take internally will help your skin or nails, because they are dead and your body is not delivering any nutrients (or anything at all, really) to them. It’s a pretty common myth that eating/taking things would effect your hair or nails in the slightest.
    You can use lotions and potions to treat the outside of them. However, they are still *dead*

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