OPI: Sea?! I told you!

The weather in Chicago has been absolutely insane. Hotter than hell, and now super crazy storms. It feels like the end of the world, not to be dramatic or anything.

Sea?! I told you! is a polish that I have had for a long that I picked up at a salon while browsing dusties. I hadn’t ever heard of it before, but the pretty blue and cute name had me sold.

Glass fleck watery blue

The color of this polish is reminiscent of water or the ocean, like the name implies. It’s a medium toned blue that isn’t overly bright, but it’s still noticeable and fun summer color. This blue would be easy to wear for those of you that don’t normally do blue since I feel like the glass fleck finish is never too saturated or loud that it makes this polish very wearable. But the sparkle is pretty and has this nice tone on tone of light blue and dark blue going on.

Slightly watery formula

The formula was slightly watery. It pooled at the cuticle on a couple of my nails, which I absolutely hate. However, I was in a rush on slapped this on pretty quickly. Which also goes to say that I should have done three coats for a little more oomph and coverage (I only did two). The polish was easily spreadable and had a good drying time.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers (?) / $ 4 – $ 6 (?)

Have you heard of this blue? How often do you go looking for dusties? It’s something I wish I did WAY more often, but I get kind of weird about it so I don’t do it a lot. Want to go with me sometime? πŸ™‚

– Liz



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7 responses to “OPI: Sea?! I told you!

  1. Pam

    Hey! I live in Chicago and am so glad I just found your blog! LOVE this color (actually, I love all blues, greens and purples, lol) and will keep an eye out for it. Stay dry…stay cool…

  2. You live in Chicago? Oh I miss it so much. I was there for Taste of Chicago and 4th of july in 2008 during my boyfriend’s (now husband) 5 weeks road trip from new york to Los angeles through Yellowstone and Las vegas.. Oh my I’m going down memory lane.. πŸ˜€

    Thanks for a wonderful blog πŸ˜€


  3. beachgal

    I sure don’t remember this one either. It’s a nice aqua and not as teal as Teal The Cows Come Home – which is too teal for me. I like this – that was a winner to pick up out of the batch of old ‘dusties!’ Hope you get a weather break soon….I am feeling guilty having spent a week in high fog on the Northern CA coast with a day today of total sunshine and about 65 degree perfect weather!

    • Thanks, I am always drawn to the blues. It’s like I can’t help myself.
      I’m glad someone is having good weather since now we are back to blistering heat and the humidity of the midwest for the rest of the week.
      – Liz

  4. Ally

    I really like this color! I definitely like that it’s not super super bright. I feel you on the hot weather – I’m in Jersey and we’ve had extremely hot and humid weather, so not enjoyable!

    • Yuck, Ally. It’s so humid! I think a lot of the time you guys and us have the same weather. Although, in general, I think your winter is a little milder. And you’re lucky enough to be near a real ocean and not a fake one like me.

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