Chanel: Peridot

There is really is something special about these Chanel fall polishes, and I can’t say no to them. I have tried to talk myself out of buying them a number of times. I finally purchased Peridot the other day and don’t regret it. Although, I will from the jump let you guys know that Chanel polishes don’t wear well on me, but I’m an idiot and still buy them.

But just LOOK at how pretty this is in the bottle?? Olive green, gold, blue?? I couldn’t resist.

Duochrome of olive green, gold, and blue

This polish color / duochrome is completely different to me. I haven’t really seen anything like it and I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It looks absolutely beautiful in the bottle and it all translates onto the nail. And the finish is a metallic shimmer that looks expensive and special. The gold is the most predominate on the nail but you get a good amount of the olive-y green. And the blue is by no means just a flash; it shifts and is visible often. It’s awesome, I really loved admiring this manicure.

Smooth, opaque application

I’m happy to say that I had no complaints with application or formula. The formula was thinner and easy to apply and spread on the nail. It was opaque with good pigmentation that only took two coats. The drying time was also good.

But as I mentioned, Chanel polishes don’t wear well on me. In all honesty, I don’t get good wear out of most of my polishes. 90% of the time I get chips within the first 24 hours. I do a lot with my hands at work and just don’t really see a way around it with a regular manicure. I am looking at trying new top coats but who knows if that will solve my issues. I doubt it, so I just deal with it.

Where to Buy: / Chanel Counters / $25

We all know Chanel polishes are pricey, but this color is worth it to me. It’s beautiful and really eye-catching. I also plan on picking up Graphite when I have the chance.  I’ve been dreaming about both since photos started popping up online.

So give it to me; are you a Chanel buyer or not? I see both sides of it but I definitely love their polishes and colors. Are you lemming Peridot or Graphite? Or waiting for the Barry M dupe that will show up soon?

– Liz



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9 responses to “Chanel: Peridot

  1. beachgal

    I bought Graphite, but could not make up my mind if I really would wear Peridot more than 3 or so times, so I thus far have passed on it. Unlike more nail polish major fans, I am not a huge fan of greens unless they are really deep green or some kind of dusty (not milky) green. I also am like you, I don’t find Chanel polish lasts long on me at all. I get much better lenght of wear from Zoya, OPI and a # of others. Plus like most, the price tag of Chanel polish, it better really be something I will use to the bottom of the bottle!

    • I totally agree, I wish I’d use all of my pricey polishes up to make them worth it, but I never will, haha!

      I get bad wear on all of my polishes! I really need to work on it but I haven’t had the time recently but it’s so frustrating.
      – Liz

  2. Ally

    Ooh I like this color!! I reallyyy like the way Graphite looks and it’s definitely a polish I want..but right now I can’t justify spending $25 on it. I’ve heard that the Chanel formula is really crappy, so it’s good to hear that this one worked well for you! It looks good!

    • Hey Ally!
      I have a handleful of Chanel polishes and I never really had any formula issues with them, expect for Mimosa, which I expected with the color. I really think that they usually put out colors they are unique and worth having in your collection since they are so pretty but I am TOTALLY reluctant to spend the money on them. I want Graphite really bad too!

  3. rottentropics

    You bought it, yay!! Gosh, I just love this color. While Chanel polishes are super expensive, they’re justifiable. They’re high quality and usually “one of a kind” type of colors. I’m totally buying this and Graphite. I even like the other polish from this collection, but from what I saw it is permanent so it’s not a total “must have” at this point. I understand how some people say “no way, too much” for Chanel but a true polish lover can appreciate what comes in this bottle at that price.

    I have had a really difficult time with polishes staying on my nails without peeling or chipping. Recently I changed my base coat and top coat and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in the wear of my polish. Surprisingly enough, I’m using a Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield fortifying top and base coat and loving the results. Maybe try changing up your top and base and see if your polishes wear better!

    • I can’t wait to get Graphite! I feel like these two colors are right up our alley.

      I really need to try those basecoats because my manicure can not make it through a day, which I think is understandable with what I do all day long, but I also know that what I wear now isn’t working well at all.

  4. I am still a Chanel virgin but this one has me seriously tempted! Currently contemplating whether I should get it on eBay or wait for it to hit Europe :O

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