Orly: Royal Navy

When I first bought this polish last year for, I was so excited to wear it. It’s a beautiful, vibrant, yet deep blue with aqua micro-shimmer. I loved the combination of blues, but in the end it disappointed me. The aqua micro-shimmer wasn’t apparent enough AT ALL. Such a bummer.

But recently I read a blog post somewhere about how someone let the polish stand upside down for a few days to let the micro-shimmer fall to the top of the bottle, and how it allowed for much more micro-shimmer to be dispersed while applying the polish. It worked out super well! Why didn’t I think of that?

Vibrant, but not too bright, blue with aqua shimmer

As I mentioned, this polish is super saturated and vibrant but it’s bright. It’s not at all in neon territory, but it still packs a punch in terms of being noticeably blue. I let my bottle sit upside for awhile, and when I dipped my brush in during application I was thrilled with all the micro-shimmer that was readily available. The two tones of blue look awesome together. In the sun, it glows.

Look at all the micro-shimmer on index finger!

I had no issues at all with formula and application (after the trick I learned.) The formula is watery, but super pigmented. It’s easy to spread and smooth out on the nail for full coverage in two coats. No complaints here.

Where to Buy: Sally’s Beauty Supply / Online Retailers / $ 5 – $ 6

This polish is overall unique in general, and to my collection. I love the aqua shimmer, it’s so pretty. For me, this is a must have for anyone who loves to wear non-traditional colors (it’s perfect for summer!) or blue lovers. I’m so glad I was able to give this polish a second chance and let it change my mind.

So, do you like this blue polish? Do you own Royal Navy? Or have you wanted to pick it up?

– Liz


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4 responses to “Orly: Royal Navy

  1. beachgal

    Good tip to get those micro shimmer particles up into the brush. I have some polishes like that I battle to bring up the shimmer in them. This is pretty – not all that unique. Since I am not a HUGE blue polish wearer I won’t be rushing to get this one. I fall outside the main line of most polish heads in that greens and blues are not my main heart of love shades in polish. I love looking at them, until I have them on myself and then I only want to leave them on for a day and change. Not sure why. Summer toes I can leave a bright blue on for a week or more. I know I am in the major minority on this one.

    • This is funny because I hate blue on my toes! I think it makes them look weird bizarre and unflattering. I do wish that it looked better on them because I think it’s super fun to have a bright pedicure.

  2. circusgirl

    Blue is my favorite color, especially this shade of blue. For some reason, when it comes to nail polish, I’m attracted mostly to greens and pinks. I have only two blues in my collection. My favorite blue is Butter London’s Artful Dodger, but after seeing your review I will definitely be getting this one! Thanks!

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