Essie: Shelter Island

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a nice weekend. I’ve done a lot of lounging and lying around the house with my dog, per usual.

This is another oldie but goody in my stash. I haven’t recently purchased any polish from Essie because of their buy out, but it’s nice to revisit the old ones I have. I particularly love this polish. It’s pretty much the perfect blue. It’s in my 10 top polishes, maybe even top 5 (!)

Shelter Island...the perfect blue

Shelter Island is from Essie’s North Folk collection from a few years back. (I’m still trying to find my number one lemming Greenport…help please!) The color of this polish has a perfect balance of being bright and saturated, but not too loud. It’s cool, crisp, and relaxing but has this great amount of vibrancy that I love. It’s almost a cayman blue. It references a more tropical nautical image for me. This is great for a fun hit of color with summer dresses or shorts and t-shirts. I love it.

GREAT application too!

Not only is this color spot on, so are the formula and application. It’s a jelly dream to apply. It goes on so smooth and easily with a bit of a watery consistency. I do need three coats, but it dries quickly and always looks flawless in the end. The finish is so shiny and smooth.

Where to Buy: / $8 (And Sag Harbor from this collection is available through the same seller.)

Do you own Shelter Island? If not, what’s your favorite summer time blue to wear? I’ll always take up recommendations on blue polishes because I love them!

P.S. I don’t know a girl that doesn’t like a Stargazer Lilly, so enjoy this dreamy pink orange-y sorbet  colored one.

Stargazer Lilly

– Liz



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12 responses to “Essie: Shelter Island

  1. beachgal

    Agree this is an oldie but a goodie! I have liked a # of the new Essies since the buy out. A few in the Summer Resort Collection were unique and fun. ‘Your Hut or Mine’ is unique in my stash. ‘Da Bush’ got a lot of fans. I really liked 4 out of the spring collection that had a great blue in it close but brighter than’ Lapiz Luxury’ of older shades but along same line, called ‘Coat Azure.’ Out of that collection ‘Barefoot & Topless’ was a huge hit. I liked the bit more pigmented version in the collection along the same line of the above in ‘Sand Tropez.’ I like overlaying it with Deb. Lippmann’s ‘Up In The Air.’ And one of my now all time fav gotta have it in my stash is from that same Essie spring collection -‘ Bisses & Kisses.’ It gives a lot of shades a really cool look that seems less an overlay when you get it on, and more like it’s a mix into some shades I have used it on. A good blue in the Brazilliant collection that is a knock out – ‘Smooth Sailing’ and I am not a big blue gal! So that’s saying something! When I put a really shinny clear topper on ‘Smooth Sailing,’ I’ve had a lot of compliments. I know it was hard for some when Coty bought out OPI. But one good thing about the Essie buy out is it’s lot more available to a whole new group of folks now. Helps me a lot living in a semi rural area. I can get Essie now at the local drug store and not need to drive 2 hrs each way to the closest store that carried it for me to look at it before buying.

    • The buy out did help a lot of people that weren’t able to get their hands on Essie easily. They do provide a large selection at drugstores. I did also view Essie as more of a salon brand, and was concerned with what their formula would be, etc. It’s good for you that you can get your hands on all of the new collections and old stand by’s much easier!
      – Liz

  2. beachgal

    Oh – Forgot to say I will keep my eyes open for a ‘Greenport’ for you from the North Forth Collection 2009. That’s a hard one to come across. Mine is about half empty and sits next to it’s sisters in the collection – yours pictured here and ‘Sag Harbor’ that never looked good on me – too much white chalky to it. If Tiffanys boxes were aquamarine, they would be the exact color of ‘Greenport!’

  3. Shelter Island together with Essie Aruba Blue are my all time favorite blues!

  4. I’m sorry in advance for sounding ignorant, BUT, I’m very new to the polish/lacquer game and am not sure why there is (or was) an OPI and Essie buy out ‘uproar’. Is there an easy or fast explination? I’d LOVE to know!

    • Hey Claudia,
      The L’Oreal buying Essie caused a bit of an uproar for a couple of reasons. Essie had always been a salon brand polish. It wasn’t available in drugstores or Target, Walmart, etc. People thought that it cheapened the brand. They were also concerns of if the formula was going to change or if it was going to be of the same quality now that it was being mass produced. And for me, L’Oreal (who owns Essie, Lancome, etc) does animal testing and that’s something I don’t try to support in any of my cosmetics or beauty products.
      – Liz

  5. Ally

    I can’t get myself to wear blue polish! I don’t know what it is but every time I try a blue, it never looks good. I’ve recently tried Zoya Breezi, but it looked absolutely horrible on me! The closest I can get to anything within the slightest range of “blue” are more green-ish colors (like Essie Turqoise & Caicos)

    • Ally, I didn’t like Breezi AT ALL. Which is weird since I like blue. There was something about that polish that was just off to me. I feel like a lot of people gravitate more towards that realm of blue because it is more wearable or less intimidating. Though when people mention getting “lobster hands” from those colors I never see it!

  6. Cute blog! I was looking for some new nail polish colors and needed some inspiration. Thanks 🙂

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