Essie: Bermuda Shorts…?

I’m pretty certain that I have mentioned how much I like Bermuda Shorts in passing within other entries at least a couple of times. I remember with my old camera it was impossible to capture the color, but with my new one I had no issues and am happy to finally be able to blog about this perfect summer color.

However, I have to start with a disclaimer. I guess I hadn’t noticed really that my bottle of Bermuda Shorts looked different from swatches or bottles I had seen in person. I remember my best friend telling me about Bermuda Shorts, seeing her bottle, then purchased mine online over a year ago and loved it since.

Recently my best friend said to me, “This looks so much different from mine!” I thought maybe it just looked different on me, but my polish color is much different from what comes up when searched.Which sucks. This is much more pink than purple. Boo 😦

Perfect summer manicure

This Bermuda Shorts is a great mix of pink and purple. It’s very cool toned and crisp. Not to mention, pretty girly (especially for me). It’s a neon, but it’s definitely not TOO bright, which I really like. It looks great with fun, printed dresses in the summer. Like most neons, it looks great with a tan but something about this polish I think looks extra good.

Great formula

I’d say that this formula was great even for a creme, but since this polish is a neon (and dries matte) it’s excellent. There’s never an issue with streaking, it dries quickly, and is still smooth and easy to apply even though it’s neon. Two coats gets the job done perfectly every time. I wear this polish as a pedicure a ton in the summer months. I do need to reapply a top coat for shine every couple days, which is a pain. But it’s a go to for me, for sure!

Where to Buy: Online Retailers / $ 5-ish?

Even though I do love this color, I DO wish I had the original Bermuda Shorts and would have noticed by different in color sooner! I’m not really sure why there are multiple versions of this color floating around. Maybe I have a polish mislabeled and it’s something else completely?

Do you have an idea what this color might actually be? Do you own the real Bermuda Shorts? (Jealous!) Or have you ever bought a polish to later find out it’s not the original?

– Liz



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9 responses to “Essie: Bermuda Shorts…?

  1. beachgal

    My Bermuda Shorts looks like yours – a hot (not quite neon) pink with some blue/purple undertones. I really hate when they swap the color formulas. Being a major fuchsia (and hues around that) holic – I would love to see (and have) what you describe as the first original Bermuda Shorts. Did the color change happen when L’Oreal took over Essie I wonder?

    • Ugh, I’m so annoyed! Now I need to get my hands on the real BS since I saw the swatches and know how great it is (again). I’m not sure when it could have happened. I ordered mine online over a year ago, so I thought mine was just a random Essie mislabeled from a seller. But since you have one that looks like this too, I’m not sure.

  2. Ally

    I just looked up a photo of Bermuda Shorts – the “real” color is amazing! But I really like the one you have too! I’m nervous now that the Essie’s I just picked up from the drug store will be different (Slash of Grenadine & Secret Stash). Booo!

    • Isn’t the “real” color so pretty, Ally? I need it now!

      I love Splash of Gren, so I hope that’s not different. I’m not sure, I thought I got a mislabeled bottle from a seller online since this is no where near what the color is suppose to be. I think you should be okay.

  3. rottentropics

    I just put the “real” BS on my toes after seeing your manicure this weekend and the colors are totally different. While they’re still in the same sort of family, they’re definitely not “twins.” But! Your color is pretty! So at least that’s a plus. And well, it’s kind of super rare since it’s not a real color? I’ll bring my bottle of BS home when I visit soon and we can compare! I really do like the color of your BS though.

  4. Olivia

    Question did you have online retailers even that are selling BS?? Because I’m struggling to find one stocking it at all… Olivia

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