OPI: Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? and Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Hidden Treasure

I was really feeling like wearing an orange on my nails recently. And while I was poking around in my stash, I realized I don’t have that many oranges, which was a let down. I wanted to wear Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? and remembered this awesome manicure, and decided to repeat it.

Flakes underneath Y'all Come Back Ya Hear?

I decided to do this manicure as accent nails only on my ring fingers and thumb. YCBYH is an ideal orange jelly that is saturated, fun, and ideal for summer. The perfect orange. Hidden Treasure is a flake-y top coat that is warm toned with orange and yellow. These warm toned colors go really well together, even if warm tones aren’t my favorite.

Pretty, subtle accent

I started with 2 coats of YCBYH on all of my nails. Then I added one thick coat of Hidden Treasure on both of my thumbs and ring fingers. Then gave all nails another coat of YCBHY and top coat to finish. It sounds a little more time-consuming that it actually was. Everything dried easily and was worth the outcome. I wish I had done it to all my nails not just as an accent! It’s subtle, but adds a splash of sparkle in the sunlight and is something fun for summer.

Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t just put HT on as a top coat on my accent nails. I really prefer with a jelly finish and a flake-y top coat to put the flakes within the layers for a look that has a lot of depth and looks like a Nfu Oh polish. They look like they are inside the polish, not just floating on top.

Where to Buy Y’all Come Back: JCPenny / Ulta / Trade Secret / Dillard’s / Professional Salons / $ 8.50

Where to Buy Hidden Treasure: Maybe Ebay? Or you could find any flake-y top coat to use. I know Hard Candy had one and I’m sure there’s a drugstore brand out there that makes one.

So, tell me. Do you love flakes in polishes? I know some people go nutso for it. It’s nice once in a while but not a regular thing for me. What’s your favorite flake-y nail polish?

– Liz



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8 responses to “OPI: Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? and Sally Hansen Complete Manicure: Hidden Treasure

  1. rottentropics

    Isn’t it funny when you really look at your polish collection? I reorganized mine yesterday and I really need to buy more (duh!) and widen my color range!

    I love a flakey polish. I need to find one so bad! I’m constantly looking at the drugstore for one and all I find is glitters and shimmers. Once I snag one I’m for sure doing this cute manicure idea!

    • I feel like you have a good color range! You have a nice selection of all types of colors and finishes. I haven’t bought any polish in a few weeks want to go shopping with me? 😦

      I feel like you would probably really like this idea. Perhaps with a pink, obviously!

  2. Ally

    Love this orange! I’ve been on a search for the perfect orangey color so I may have to try this out!

    I found a flakey polish that’s almost exact to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure – it’s Nubar 2010. I ordered it off E-bay, it was much easier to find that Sally Hansen.

    • Hey Ally,
      This orange is GREAT. I was on a search last summer for a good orange and I was using Orly’s Truly Tangerine, which is pretty good. Though I do prefer this because of the light jelly finish for summer.

      I have seen that Nubar! Good call, getting HT was a total pain in the butt, I was searching for awhile. And what’s weird is that it wasn’t even a totally unique polish (since we can name at least 2 of the same things) but it was a huge hit. I actually liked everything from that Sally Hansen collection, I wish I had them all.
      – Liz

  3. anne

    Gosh also has a flakie called rainbow. Bought a ton on a sale, I think it was 6 for 20 dollars.

  4. Hi, am new here, and just saw your blog.
    Was wondering how you guys do your cuticles?
    Looks like you kind of peel it, but am not sure. Please let me know, it looks awesome !

    • Hey,
      Thanks but no, I would never want to peel them! They would probably hurt and they are important to the nail, so I wouldn’t want to damage them. I am lucky to have my cuticles not be too much of an issue, but I just moisturize them and push them back to keep them looking clean and soft.
      – Liz

  5. Ok, thanx for the quick answer 🙂

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