Color Club: Total Mystery

I was compelled to purchase a few polishes from the recently released Alter Ego collection. I like foils because you get the flashy finish that’s a bit more pulled together than glitters. This was my first experience with Color Club polishes and I’m always excited to give new brands a try.

I tried my best to capture the flash of purple in this polish that I thought was going to be more apparent on the nail like it was in the bottle. However, it didn’t really deliver all the purple that I wanted. Sigh.

Bright blue foil

Total Mystery is a bright blue foil polish with what I would call, a hint of purple micro-glitter. It was basically mostly blue on me at all times. I was a bit disappointed since it looked prettier in the bottle. I do really like blue polishes, so I’m not going to hate it. The formula and application of this polish was thinner than I expected. I did use three coats and got full coverage easily.

Where to Buy: / $ 3

Are Color Club polishes in your regular rotation? What are your favorite Color Club polishes? I feel like I didn’t get off to great start with the brand.

– Liz



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2 responses to “Color Club: Total Mystery

  1. aaminahs mom

    yes they are! and i’m on board with the collection leaving something to be desired!!! sure i love them but, geez a bit more opaque.

    • Yeah, I feel like this was not the collection to take my first step with Color Club. But I can’t recall another collection making me want to try them. Maybe something better of theirs will catch my eye soon.
      – Liz

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