Sonia Kashuk: Tutti Fruitti

Sonia Kashuk is big in the Target make up lover’s world. I have a few items from her make up line and I really love them. This is a polish of her’s that I have had since it first came out last summer. And it is honestly one of my go to summer colors, especially for my toes. Even if I despise the name of the color. 🙂

Red leaning coral creme

Tutti Fruitti is a red-leaning coral creme. There’s both orange and pink undertones in this polish that really softens up the red factor, which is great for me. It’s very saturated but it’s not screaming bright. This color looks great on even if you just have a touch on color from being out in the summer. It would be flattering on just about everyone. Is it the most unique red-coral? No. But it looks great.

Smooth application

The formula and application of this polish is quite impressive when considering the price and that I believe this was the company’s first go at nail polish. The consistency is almost ideal: it’s thicker so there’s no pooling issues and is very smooth and easy to apply. It’s also full of pigmentation. I needed two coats for full coverage.

Where to Buy: Target / $ 5

Also as a side note, I like these polish bottles. I think the square is cute and the silver handle makes it look a little fancy. Sort of like Estee Lauder polish bottles. Short, fat and cute.

Do you own any Sonia Kashuk nail polishes? Do you scope them when you’re at Target but haven’t taken the plunge? I think this is a great one to try first.

– Liz



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2 responses to “Sonia Kashuk: Tutti Fruitti

  1. beachgal

    I hardly ever get to a Target – both in my neck of the woods are a good 90 mile round trip. I recall when this line was advertised as a Target exclusive brand. I do need to try to get to one here pretty soon and of course will scope out their polish including this brand. Pretty shade. I would like it more if it leaned a bit more fuchsia – but that’s just me.

    • Oof, if Target was 90 miles away that would totally suck! However, then you wouldn’t do things like run in for sunscreen and leave with clothes and nail polish, among other things.

      Sonia Kasuk had a really pretty fuchsia color that Lauren reviewed. Oh La La, I believe. You’d probably like that one!
      – Liz

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