Jason Wu for CND: Brigitte

This is the last polish I had yet to wear from Jason Wu’s CND collection. And, well, since I chose it last it may be obvious to say that it was my least favorite. This polish didn’t look great on me. To be honest, I’m not sure it would look great on anyone. It’s a little drab.

Almost dusty pink nude

Jason Wu described Brigitte as ” a healthy, natural nude in a fresh, flushed-cheek tone.” Which, I guess is pretty true. Though my cheeks don’t ever look this color. For me, there is something that is off about the hue of this color. It looks almost muddy and dull in a not cool way. Also on my skintone, I lost a lot of the pink in the color so it ended up looking like a bizarre fleshy color. The frumptastic factor on this color was pretty high.

Perfect application

Even if I didn’t love the color of Brigitte, I did love the application. It went on smooth, creamy, and pigmented. I used two coats with no problems. As all of this collection, the formula and application was perfect.

Where to Buy: Transdesign.com / CND.com / $23 to $47 for the complete set

What do you guys think of these dusty pinky flesh colors? A little old lady? I think that you have to find the right one for your skin, but I’d rather just opt for a beige-y nude instead. Those are much prettier and sexier to me.

– Liz



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4 responses to “Jason Wu for CND: Brigitte

  1. I see what you mean about the frumpiness… These types of colors need to be very carefully matched to your skintone to work or your fingers will look very dead or very sallow-at least that’s the case for me. Not that I always care-ESSIE Demure Vixen looks awful on me but I love it too much to avoid wearing it!

    • I love Demure Vixen!! I feel like the base of that color could be like one of these, a little frumpy, but it works perfectly on me and the micro shimmer is the best! I love it.
      – Liz

  2. beachgal

    I was not a major fan of this collection just from the bottle look of the shades. There is something about the red coming through in this dusky one Brigitte that I know would not flatter my skin tone. I am sorry that these shades have not lived up to what I really wanted to see from this great polish line. Thanks Liz for posting this.

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