China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise

This is one of those polishes that I always remind myself to pick up, and then never do. It always seemed like a great summer color. A bright, saturated green / blue would normally be right up my alley, but this polish did not deliver for me.

I’m not a huge neon polish girl. I know in hot months girls love a neon pedicure and even matching neon manicure, but it’s just not really my thing. (Though I do really like Essie Bermuda Shorts a lot!)


The color of this polish is actually really pretty, but what’s throwing me off about it is that I don’t view it as turquoise. For me, there’s not enough blue in it to send it into that turquoise zone. I know turquoise is quite a subjective color, but this one is a little off to me. It’s a bright, almost spearmint green with a touch of blue to me.

Like most neons, the formula on this was a pain. I found it to be a bit worse than other neons. I had major cuticle drag issues after three coats. I had tons of streaks and unevenness on my left hand. I guess I wasn’t patience enough with this color, but it wasn’t worth the painful application. I do like the shimmer in this color, but I wish it was easier to apply.

Where to buy: Ulta / Sally’s / Online Retailers / $ 6ish

Maybe I’ll give this polish another try this summer. What your favorite neon polish? Do you like to wear a neons in the summer?

– Liz



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6 responses to “China Glaze: Turned Up Turquoise

  1. beachgal

    I have reached my saturation point on teals and lighter blues for now. They never have been in my fav category only because I feel funny wearing them for any length of time. I am tried of it in a day and want a change. That tells me it’s not a hue that grabs me. I hate to have one on and be suddenly in need to go to something that is a more conservative event/crowd and here I am stuck with a stand out shade of polish on that I need to rush to change out. Ditto you on not at all a fan of the neon shades at all. I feel they look like teen shades and go with a lifestyle that never needs to think about being professional at all. I personally don’t have time to change polish out like a teen does. I can remember doing nails every day as a teen.

    • Blue is one of my favorite colors. Teal of course as well. But this color is more green to me than anything else and if definitely not professional by any means. I don’t have to worry about nail color, but I could see that being a huge role for what I gravitated towards and then became standard for my choices.
      – Liz

  2. I love this color and have to add it to my ChG wish-list along with Shower Together. I love turquoise for the summer!

  3. So glad I wasn’t the only one unimpressed by the formulation of this shade! I also found it to be very streaky and even a second coat didn’t help. BUT I LOVE the color….so sad, lol 😦 Great post xoxo

    • Hey Joann, thanks!
      The formula was so bad! I was like, “what the hell is going on here?” The color and the shimmer are really pretty but I don’t know if they out weigh the cons.
      – Liz

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