Orly: Lemonade

Sunny yellow!

First off…. IT’S OUR ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! Thanks so much to all of our readers! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! We’ll be announcing the winners of the giveaway soon. So excited!

And now… back to the polish

Orly’s Lemonade is from the Sweet Collection which came out last year. Out of the entire collection this was the only polish that really grabbed me. Kind of unusual when that happens with a pastel yellow, but I just think this is so cute!

I don’t have any application problems with this one, as you can see it comes out pretty smooth and even. I remember the first coat being a little streaky, so you probably have to work to even it out a little with the second coat. I only used two coats for this mani.

Lemonade is a rather pale yellow compared to others. It’s not golden, shimmery, or bright and electric like the few other yellows in my collection. I think this is such a cute color, although it probably won’t look great on everyone. If your skin tends toward the yellow side already, I’d probably stray away from this one and go for something that’s more golden or orange. It’s definitely a pastel, which isn’t something that appeals to everyone (normally, I’m one of those people, hah!) If you’re looking for a different yellow, however, you may want to give Lemonade a try.

close up!

I got pretty good wear time out of this polish, which has been my general experience with Orly polishes for the most part. This is always something fun and different for me to wear because it’s not what I normally grab when looking at my collection. It instantly makes most outfits cuter and girlier, haha.

Writing out this post makes me wonder what’s going on with Orly lately. I think the last time I bought a new Orly polish was last fall. It seems like their Pin Up Collection this year kind of repeated the Sweet Collection from last year.

Where to Buy: Online retailers

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!




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5 responses to “Orly: Lemonade

  1. beachgal

    Ditto here too. I have wondered if it was just my little places I have to check for Orly shades. Not a lot of them around me abound. I could use a larger dose of shades from this company as I like the formula – esp. the more expensive Salon Formula line. While this is a lighter yellow than most out there and it does not have a nasty white chalk look to it, I still have a hard time pulling off any yellow on polish. It just makes my hands/feet look sick or really red. Odd as I love wearing clothing that is yellow and pull that off well – always have.

  2. I’ve never even been able to find their Salon Formula line! I’ll have to be on the look out for that. I feel like yellow polish is a tough customer as well, but I do believe there is the perfect yellow hue somewhere out there for you!

  3. You got Pure Porcelain and Royal Velvet! Not enough coffee before this post? Hahaha

  4. Congrats on 1 year! I don’t normally wear yellow but this year they are becoming more appealing. This one looks great!

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