Jason Wu for CND: Sophia

It may come to no surprise to regular readers that I also love this Jason Wu for CND polish. As I have mentioned, the formula on every polish in this collection is, basically wonderful. The colors are just standard neutrals, but for some reason, I’ve really taken to them. They are so sleek and clean.

Sophia - Medium chocolate-y creme

Jason Wu describes Sophia as “perfectly warm, smooth, milk chocolate nail.” This polish does remind me of milk chocolate, however, the color is more interesting than that. It has this grey tone to it that makes it look really earthy and reminiscent of a beautiful, natural stone. It’s somewhat like a twist on taupe. Very professional, sexy, and elegant. I don’t own another polish like this one. I loved this manicure.

Dreamy smooth application and finish

Like all of this collection, the formula and application was one of the best I’ve ever used. It went on completely effortlessly with almost fully opacity in one coat. The formula was so smooth and velvety. I used two coats to finish the manicure. I also noticed that this manicure wore pretty well considering what I put my polish (and hands) through daily.

Where to buy: CND.com / Transdesign.com / $47 on CND or $23 on Transdesign

Come on, I know I can’t be the only one loving these polishes. Anyone else give these a try? Or have you been thinking about picking them up?

– Liz

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4 responses to “Jason Wu for CND: Sophia

  1. beachgal

    I am with you. I am not ‘over’ the ‘standard neutrals,’ & don’t think I ever will be. They are both edgy & appropriate for all occasions. I never have to think if I am “dressed out” in something like this. Hate to suddenly realize I have something on over the top that won’t do at all for where I need to go – or even worse yet, I have grown tried of before the polish job’s time.

    • It’s weird for me because I wasn’t big on neutrals at all until recently. Sure I appreciated their wearability, but I found them boring. My stash was seriously lacking some. But right now, I am loving them!
      – Liz

  2. rottentropics

    I’m surprised at how different the colors are between application and in the bottle. Regardless, great neutral. I need to add some of these CNDs to my collection.

    • Yes, I somehow forgot to mention that part. That it does end up much darker. It’s so pretty though! What I think is really weird is that CND is available at Meijer. Not that either one of us have one near, but like, why doesn’t Ulta or something carry them?Come on.

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