Essie: Cute As A Button

I hope all the Midwest readers out there haven’t melted to death, I know I almost did today. Death by heat would be far less cool than death by polish, haha. (Yay bad jokes!)

I’m back today with one of my all time favorite polishes. Cute As A Button isn’t the most unique polish for me to be in love with, but every time I wear it, I literally can’t stop admiring my nails. It’s so flattering, I absolutely love it. It’s also clearly perfect for a pedicure.

Wonderfully juicy pinkish coral

There’s something about the hue of this shade that is just perfect. This polish could be labeled as pink, coral, or orange. It has this great mix that allows this shade to be spot on. It’s a pink based coral, heavy on the pink, but you can tell there’s orange within. I love corals of this shade. I prefer them more than red corals. This color looks so juicy, refreshing, and tropical. It’s as if a watermelon and a honeydew got together and popped this out!

Super shiny coral

The formula on this polish was really easy to work with and I always have zero problems. I only need two coats for full coverage. It goes on smooth and even. It’s a jelly / creme hybrid but may slightly be more jelly. There’s the slightest bit of VNL, but no one would detect it but you. This also dries quick and easy. When this manicure is finished, it’s so glassy, juicy, and shiny. I love it.

Where to buy: Ulta / Drugstores / Target  / $ 8

Do you own Cute as a Button? Is it a go-to-summer color for you? Pick it  up!

– Liz

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6 responses to “Essie: Cute As A Button

  1. Man, I’ve been hearing a lot about this polish lately. It looks fantastic on everyone! I guess I’ll have to get it. Sad times for wallet. 😦

  2. juna

    It was my birthday on the day you posted this!! thans for such a great bithday post!!

  3. Miranda

    Have and LOVE this color! I had in on my nails a week or so ago, but I am totally inspired to do a pedi with it this weekend!!

  4. beachgal

    I also have been hearing a lot about this shade of late too! I had put it in my mind I had to go looking for a swatch of it – then the bottle in person to really ‘see’ it. I think it’s a great shade – right on trend with the 2011 Panatone shade of Honeysuckle – that pink/coral shade. Thinking OK on fingers – maybe not bright enough/bold enough or my toes – least of late. I have been wanting my toes to really pop. They have OPI ‘I Ate Berries in the Canaries” on them right now and I am really loving it with a great SV top coat of super shine! Tomorrow I have to go the miles to where they have Essie – will look to see if this one is in stock.

  5. beachgal

    I went looking (again) for this when I was in a CVS that is a larger out of my area one. Again drew a blank on this shade being in stock. I keep feeling it needs to be in my house of polish! Might have to go on line to look for it. I DID on my out of town adventure discover I don’t really need Dim Sum Plum that has been haunting me as I adore I Ate Berries in the Canaries – OPI both of em. I had the latter on my toes and did a bottle comparison as well as swatches on their roll of scotch tape (a great way to try on colors safely in a shop…you swipe the shade on the tape then stick your unpolished finger or skin under the tape to see how it will look on your skin tone. Glad I finally settled that one on my out of the area adventure! I am so loving ‘Berries in Canaries” that I think while I need to redo my pedi in the next day, it will be one of those rare occasions the same shade will be on me! Believe me – in summer esp, that is really rare that happens these days. Wish me luck to find this Cute as A Button. I think I can safely say, L’Oreal did the right thing by releasing Essie to the drugstore market on purchasing the company. It really is getting picked up by far more folks now. The color names are getting know as well as OPI shades now.

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