OPI: Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Glossbones

My current love of neutrals and creme polishes is crazy. I don’t even want to wear anything else. Gimme more neutrals, please!

I only picked up a couple of these Pirates polishes. I know some of you may be sick of seeing and hearing about swatches, but I’m going to throw in my two cents.

Light, bone-y grey

When I first put on this polish, I didn’t really have all that much love for it. I didn’t think it looked much different from a lot of the greys I own, or a lot of the greys readily available. But something about it has grown on me. I like how light it is. It has almost has a bone-ish tone to it. I see no hint of dustiness to this polish, but I like its clean, modern, and sophisticated qualities. It’s just a really nice hue of grey. I ended up enjoying this manicure a lot.

Not the best formula

I was, however, totally annoyed with the application. I really wasn’t feeling like doing three coats when I applied this manicure, but that’s what it needed. The first coat was streak city, and super patchy. The formula was really workable and not thick, but pigmentation and saturation wasn’t there without three coats. The polish also dried quickly.

Where to buy: Ulta / TradeSecret / JCPenny / Dillards / Professional Salons / $ 8.50

What was your surprise favorite from the Pirates of the Caribbeans? Or did you not give into the hype?

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– Liz



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6 responses to “OPI: Pirates of the Caribbean Skull & Glossbones

  1. beachgal

    Just not a fan of this OPI collection. I do like the dusky/tish of dirty to the shades – just really found the shades both too chalky undertones and shades that have been done and done (yet not with the tish of dirt to them admit). I looked, played, tried some on and usually I will cave to at least one just doing that. But nope, non of this collection came to live at my house. I am only grabbed by the one fuchsia in the OPI summer stems collection, and nothing at all is of interest to me in the Muppets collection coming fall/holiday. Kind of sad year in my book for OPI…and don’t even get me started on their late winter/early spring always done ‘soft shades’ collection to cash in on Bridal/prom. That was such a nothing collection it was not even picked up by a lot of retailers. I should say I will wait to see Muppets in person before I say totally no to it. But gads, 6 more glitters? I cannot get off the ones I own now – but sales wise they do well I know. Just cannot see how in the ‘other’ 6 in that Muppets collection they possibly could include yet another metallic gold and one in silver. I am wearing “I ate Berries in the Canaries” on my toes right now. Looking for more good shades they have popped in with in the past. Also would like to see them bring back a REAL holiday collection – that is when we get those GREAT OPI reds and interesting twists to new shades to call holiday!

    • Hey!
      You know, I was really looking forward to the Stems collections since I love flowers, but when I saw a couple swatches they seemed to have a strange finish that wasn’t really interesting me. Hopefully you end up liking yours. And yeah, these colors were basically boring and were unoriginal, but I kind of got sucked in a little. I did enjoy the two I picked up though.

      Don’t even get me started on glitter removal. I don’t even know how people do it. I barely wear glitter polishes cos I just can’t deal with it!

      I feel like polish is blowing up right now that companies realize that they don’t need to do anything different in collections to make a profit. They can release / release just about anything and it will sell.

      – Liz

  2. beachgal

    BTW- LOVE this length for your nails Liz! I am all about a bit shorter nail right now!!! This length is PERFECT in my book! Like the name Skull and Glossbones – someone had a good thinking cap on who came up with that one!

    • Thank you so much! It’s nice that you noticed. I have been trying to keep them shorter because I like the look and it’s easier to avoid breakage. But it’s kind of a pain to file even more often, haha!
      – Liz

  3. Ally

    I’m a huge fan of this polish! It’s way lighter than any of the other greys I own, which is awesome. I had to apply 3 coats as well-I was super frustrated with the first two! Steady as She Rose + Stranger Tides are my other favorites from the collection as well-I haven’t tried any others yet!

    • Hey Ally,
      I ended up really liking this polish. I also love how light it is.

      I just picked up Stranger Tides today! The last time I made an online haul I wanted to order it, but they were sold out. I’ve had my eye on that one since they were released.
      – Liz

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