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Lush's Hair Doctor treatment

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend is off to a great start. I’m back today to tell you all about the new hair and scalp treatment I tried last weekend: Hair Doctor by Lush. I’m actually using an image I had to search for because I just got a small, sample portion of this to try out last time I was at Lush. I do plan on going out and buying the product full size though!

I had read several reviews about this product before I asked for a sample. My scalp is generally dry and I’m always trying to find a product to alleviate that. I was surprised at the different experience I had compared to most of the other reviews I read.

The first thing you notice about it is the smell, it’s very minty and earthy and the smell is rather strong. All of the reviews I read and watched about Hair Doctor gave me the impression that this product was going to be literally impossible to work through my hair. I have to say that this wasn’t the case for me at all, I’m not sure if that was because of my hair or not, but eventually I worked this through my hair and scalp relatively easily.

One other thing the reviews warned me about was the intense tingly feeling. While you will definitely experience tingling as the product works over the course of 20 minutes, I didn’t find it unbearable or uncomfortable at all. Now another thing I read about this product was that it has a shelf life of about 3 weeks. The person at Lush who gave me my sample did not warn me of this so, needless to say, I did not try it within three weeks of getting it. This may have something to do with my experiences with the product, such as it being easier to work with and not tingling as much, but I don’t know for sure. I was warned that it had to be refrigerated, so I at least succeeded in that.

Waiting for the Hair Doctor, close up

So there is a picture of the Hair Doctor hard at work, after I got it all through my hair and scalp and began the 20 minute wait. After that you simply wash it out and go about your normal hair routine. Most of the reviewers highlighted issues with getting this out of their hair, but I did not have a difficult time at all. Again, this may be because I used it “past its expiration date”, but if it made it easier to use, then hey why not.

I didn’t notice an immediate change in my dry scalp, although my hair did feel soft and wonderful and felt that way for a few days. When I think back on the last week after I used Hair Doctor, I realize that I did have much less itching with my scalp and so I’m convinced Hair Doctor must have worked. I’m sure like many of these products, consistency is key, so I’ll have to go out and get myself the full size portion of this product so the Doctor can keep working its magic. I’m very interested to see if the benefits from using this product continue because so far I am pretty pleased. One downside is that I did use the full sample the first time. I have somewhat long and thick hair, so I’m sure it’s going to take a lot of product to have the full effect. All in all, I think if you like Lush, hair masks, and especially if you have dryness in your hair and scalp then this is work picking up or at least asking for a sample.

Where to Buy: Lush / $14.50? (I couldn’t find a listing for this on Lush’s website)

And now to continue the quest for perfect hair…




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3 responses to “Lush: Hair Doctor

  1. Connie

    hey there, i was wondering if this product made your hair greasy or greasy faster?

  2. Thanks for commenting, Connie! My hair definitely did feel different the first day after using it, although I wouldn’t say it was a “greasy” feeling. It felt softer and that there had been product in there recently, but my hair never felt greasy.


  3. Ally

    Did you use a special shampoo to wash it out or did you just use whatever shampoo you had? Thinking of buying it !

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