Zoya: Adina

This polish looks awesome. Even in this photo, I’m sitting here thinking, “Man, that looks good. Two of my favorite colors!” But then I remember how much I absolutely couldn’t stand this manicure. I have seen many swatches of this polish, and each time I wanted and was convinced I’d love it. But this ended up being a huge fail for me.

Purple with green durochrome

My first issue with Adina is a personal one. The purple in this polish is much too red based for my liking. That was a major turn off. I love my purples to be blue based, and this just didn’t look good to me. Another issue was this duochrome was overly frosty. The green duochrome effect was cool, but there was something about the finish that I felt took away from the polish. Much too dated / frosty / pearly. Also, I’ve heard other people get more than just a green duochrome effect, but I did not.


I didn’t encounter any formula issues with this polish. I used two coats and everything was opaque. I didn’t think three coats would have done anything to help the polish in my eyes. It did dry rather quickly. And it wasn’t too thick or thin.

I’m actually super bummed that I don’t love this polish. I have been wanting it for forever. Each time I’d make a Zoya order I’d remind myself to get it, then would forget by the time I placed my order, haha. I would like to say that I used this polish with Zoya Anchor and Armor and it lasted 3 days with ZERO tipwear and no chips. That was awesome! Too bad I wanted to take it off BAD.

Where to Buy: Zoya.com / $ 8

When was the last time you got a polish you were so excited about then it ended up being a fail? It’s such a let down! Or do you own Adina and love it?

– Liz



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5 responses to “Zoya: Adina

  1. beachgal

    Don’t feel bad at all about this one Liz. I longed for this polish shade – bought 2 others out of this collection – put in 3 more orders with Zoya that did not include this one – finally bought it on eBay as folks kept telling me if I liked the other 2 in this collection I have, I needed this one since I like purples. But I had the same issue with it – the red in the purple really does not look good on me. I have the same issue with red in any purple around my eyes – it’s just not the look for me – gives me that crying eye look. I have enough ruddy red in my nail/hand areas – I think the exact same thing applies for purples that lean red in polish. The red lean, purple and green duochrome just did not do it for me either. And I hate to say it as I was loving this from afar so long! I think your post helped a lot who also would have the same problem with this shade.

  2. it looks amazin in the bottle though 😀

    • Hey Sussi,
      It does doesn’t it?! But trust me, it was kind of a traumatic experience, haha!
      – Liz
      (P.S. I have no idea why I didn’t see your comment sooner, I’m sorry.)

  3. Liz

    I used Adina for stamping over Dove, I think it came out pretty well. The frosty/streaky issue went away – I think it’s because stamping makes such a thin, even layer.

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