Jason Wu for CND: Miss Wu

 I can’t recall the last time I felt overly satisfied with the purchase of an entire set of nail polishes. This Jason Wu for CND collection is great. Although tame in its color palette, the colors are wonderful and a solid group of wearable, neutrals. From the way the colors flow, to the packaging, to the polishes is a home run.

Light, barely metallic grey

Miss Wu is a sexy, modern grey. Jason Wu describes it as a warm grey, but it doesn’t particularly read that way on me. It’s almost more neutral in tone. However, it’s definitely not reading as cool, or blue toned. But there’s something about it that makes it very appealing and lovely. It’s a nice, crisp, light color that’s super fresh for any season. It also has a bit of subtle, hidden metallic sheen that comes to life in the sun.

Perfect, smooth application

Most importantly regarding Miss Wu, is its completely outstanding application and formula. I may just go out there and say this is one of the best formulas I’ve ever used in a polish. It was SO pigmented, saturated, and smooth it took me by surprised. There wasn’t a hint of streaks or unevenness. It was beyond perfect in two coats. This polish dries matte, which is a little surprising, but it looks great matte or with top coat. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a polish. Even if the color isn’t the most unique the application would beat any other similar color by a mile. It’s excellent!

CND Jason Wu packaging

Jason Wu book about polishes and his inspiration

The packaging is a nice, sturdy case that houses all 5 polishes. It pulls in and out very easily and is well made. A little pamphlet comes inside with details and explanations of the collection’s colors and where they were drawn from. I think this is nicely put together and it’s interesting to see where the fashion designer pulled from in his own collections to come up with the polishes.

Where to buy: CND.com / Transdesign.com / $23 from Transdesign and $47 at CND

I love everything about this collection. The polishes perform better than I imaged. If you’re interested, neutrals or not, go for it.

I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend. I like to be a busy bee, so I’m happy to go back to work tomorrow. I’ll leave you with this HUGE beauty:

Hot pink tree peonies!

– Liz



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2 responses to “Jason Wu for CND: Miss Wu

  1. SisterLes

    the nail polish is pretty, but oh my gosh that tree peony is to die for!

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