Butter London: Lady Muck

Cool blue

Liz and I have been eyeing the Butter London polishes for the past couple months. I ended up finally getting my first one! Lady Muck is a pale blue with silver micro glitter. I just loved this polish

Surprisingly enough, I don’t have another color like this. I have seen it compared to CG Sea Spray and a few others, so I’m not sure how many light grey blues you need, but I think this is so pretty. You can see the silver microglitter in the bottle and it comes out really nicely when you put the polish on as well. It’s not gritty, so don’t worry about laying on the top coat.

more of a close-up

This applied nicely for me, smooth and opaque right away. I believe I used two coats, but I don’t think three would hurt. I was also very impressed with the wear on this, it stayed nice and unchipped for several days.

I like a lot of the Butter colors available and definitely plan on getting more. I though the brush, application, and wear on the polish were all great. I would definitely recommend checking these out and I know I’ve seen them in more and more places. Now, one more before I go!

in the shade

Where to buy: Nordstrom’s / Ulta / Beauty.com /$16

Can’t wait for my nails to stop peeling!




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3 responses to “Butter London: Lady Muck

  1. Lady Muck is anything but muck. I too picked it up and it is waiting patiently for it’s turn on my nails. I love the Butter London formula. Tis looks great on you!

  2. Thank you! I have no doubt it will look great on you too. I can’t wait to collect more Butters.

  3. I put in an order for 4 bL polishes but this one got cancelled! Out of stock, they said. I must try again, that’s obvious. It’s so pretty. =)

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