China Glaze: Techno Teal

So, we all know that China Glaze’s Tronica got a bad wrap. The scattered holographic effect wasn’t strong enough for a lot of polish lovers, and many of the colors seemed to be repeats from the OMG collection. But, I really didn’t have too much of a bone to pick with Tronica regarding that. I liked the colors and the scattered holo’s don’t bum me out. Whatever!

Pretty, saturated teal. In shade

Techno Teal is a really nice color. The teal is almost a perfect tone. It’s saturated, but not too dark. If I had to say, on me at least, it seems to lean slightly more blue. But I like how the color is still bright, but not too light or dark. I’d love this color without the holo.

Hello, holo!

I will admit, the formula on this holo was a little bit fussy. I did have some bald spots.  However, I don’t use a holographic specific basecoat. But compared to how OPI DS’s apply, I would say this collection is harder to apply. I used two coats and with the exception of the couple bald spots, I got pretty good opacity.

I think overall I really like the color of this polish, so I didn’t mind the little problems I had with the formula. If it was a different color, I probably would have been more annoyed. Unforunately, the wear on this polish was typical holo; as in, not very good. Though I did really enjoy this manicure while it lasted!

Where to Buy: Online Retailers (or I recently found these on clearance at Sally’s for $1.99!) / $ 5 (ish)

Were you anti-Tronica? Do you feel that linear holo’s are a little too intense sometimes? I do.

– Liz



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3 responses to “China Glaze: Techno Teal

  1. beachgal

    I know the CG holos and OMG collection were super popular. I never saw that much holo in the couple I bought however. They looked like micro glitter in the polish and no more for the most part. I guess my expectations of holos is higher than these gave. I love micro glitter that goes on with a smooth (not bumpy finish like glitters and some flakies do). I want to see some sort of rainbow of color bursting from a holo however – or side toward a duo chrome say like the new OPI Rally Pink and a lot of the Zoya polishes do. I love a good holo but seems they are really far and few between. Then you get a good one going like OPI did with My Private Jet and they change it on reformulation runs. Last bottle of that one I saw go on eBay sold for $75! That’s outrageous! But the original really was a true holo. I did not consider most of the CG holos are true holos.

    • Yeah, it’s difficult to find holos that are very strong, linear, and intense like you seem to be describing. I know there’s been a lot of talk as to why there aren’t so many, and my bet is on the price of pigment. Which is total bummer because I think a lot of people would pay more for what they really want.

      What are some are your favorite holos? I get a little turned off and annoyed with them because of their wearability. But when you get a good one, they are awesome. I love Nubar Reclaim a lot!
      – Liz

  2. dcmaxqueen

    Please dont kill me for this, nail polish world, but I liked Tronica better than OMG or Kalidescope….

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