OPI: Teenage Dream over Essie: Need A Vacation

Need A Vacation with Teenage Dream

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am super excited that tomorrow is Friday, what a long week! I needed some cheering up, so yesterday I decided to use OPI Teenage Dream, because I hadn’t yet. After looking at the post Liz did about it, I decided I wanted something a little more pink so I decided to layer it.

My pink of choice was Essie’s Need A Vacation, which is probably one of my favorite pinks. I just realized I haven’t blogged that one so I’m going to have to fly it solo in the near future so you all can see! It’s a lot like it looks in the bottle: light, creamy (verging on jellyish) baby pink.

Need A Vacation goes on kind of streaky in the first coat, so I did one coat and it was on the thicker side. I followed it up with OPI Teenage Dream, which is big holo glitter with small silver glitter. It has a nice, sheer light pink of it’s own when done in 3 coats, so with a more opaque pink underneath it gives it an extra boost.

Yum, glitter

I really liked how this turned out, it was a nice layering job if I do say so myself. I was enjoying wearing it, but unfortunately these two polishes and my base and top coat apparently just did not get along at all. It took a long time to dry and I nicked it while I thought it had dried long ago. After that it started immediately peeling. I’m not sure what it was, could have been the nail product combo, my nails, Thursday, the weather, we may never know… It was fun while it lasted though, so pretty!

Have you all done any amazing layering jobs with big glitters or other polishes from the Katy Perry collection? Comment back!

Where to Buy (Both polishes): Ulta / Salons / JC Penney/ Online Retailers / $8ish




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3 responses to “OPI: Teenage Dream over Essie: Need A Vacation

  1. My friend is one of those weirdo’s who carries nail polish in her purse (LOVE her though lol) and Teenage Dream is one of the ones she totes around with her which works out great for me because it usually finds it’s way over whatever it is I happen to be wearing on my nails when I see her lol LOVE this color! 🙂

    ~Beatrice @ Cosmeticconvulsion.blogspot.com

  2. Rachel

    I love that Essie color! I need a pink like that in my collection. The layering in this is just perfect. Reminds me of a cupcake…delicious!

    I’ve tried to layer Last Friday Night but haven’t found any that I really like. I need to find a mermaid-inspried green blue maybe. Or an icey white. I’ll keep you posted!

  3. meme

    I got giddy over the OPI glitters starting last year with the Alice collection and on to the 6 in Burlesque collection. I still was on the move to get more glitters into my collection so I did get both of them when the KP collection came out. But of late, while I like the look of a sheer layer of glitter over a cream, I am so tried to the real work it takes to remove it, I am tending not to want to buy anymore glitters for some time to come! I hear Zoya polish remover was great to get glitters off; bought that, no different than getting it off with others. However I do like the Zoya polish remover. I need to use a conditioning remover because the removers dry my nails out so badly. OPI for Sephora makes a good polish remover also that has some oil in the remover. But these days with dry, dry nails, I have to wait and really hydrate my nails well before I put on another new mani. Am I alone in this problem of super dry nails but only when I use polish on them? I put on oils at least 3 X a day on my nails as it is. But boy, a remover will take me down to thin, pealing nails ASAP, that takes time to get my nails back up to good condition.

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